ANGELES—A Common Thread Director Eli Green has directed a
launch campaign for Club W and Los Angeles agency TVGla that employs dry humor
to position the new wine club as the choice for bold women…and men.

In #WINEing, a woman dressed in a floral print kimono extols her “bold taste”
while perched atop a rotating bed in a room filled with her eclectic
belongings. She points to a pop art painting hanging on the wall and notes, “it
came from a tween country star’s personal collection.” As she proudly points
out other carefully selected treasures, her paramour “Paolo,” a well-oiled,
Italian stud-muffin, performs tai chi
in the background. The woman’s discriminating sensibilities are also apparent
in her choice in wine: “a small lot Cabernet Sauvignon from Club W.”

The spot is
designed to appeal to younger women (and men, of course) through its ironic humor
and self-assertive spokesperson. “The beauty of the spot is that it presents an
uncompromising woman who knows what she wants,” says Green. “In the media
generally, there are a lack of female protagonists in power positions. That’s
why I was so excited about the script.”
Green adds
that it was important to play the comedy with deadpan seriousness. “We want the
audience laughing with her,” says Green, 
who adds that the cornucopia of peculiar objects that fill the frame
help the spot attract multiple viewings, increasing its viral potential.

WINEing 60 from Hello ClubW on Vimeo.

A second spot,
Decider, presents a woman who makes
confident decisions in every aspect of her life, except when it comes to
choosing wine. Club W helps her solve that problem. Green tells this story with
a breezy, lighthearted touch and idiosyncratic flashes of humor. “Our
protagonist is so whimsical, you instantly fall in love with her,” he says.
“The two spots do a great job of educating viewers about the product, and they
do it with a clever comedic sensibility.”
A Common Thread is located at 4081
Redwood Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90066. For more information, call
310.823.7300 or visit www.acommonthread.tv  

TITLE: #WINEing, Decider
AGENCY: TVGla, Los Angeles. Dimitry Loffe, CEO; Chad Weaver, director of client services; Ryan Kite, VP/Strategic Services; Julie Gargan, Executive Creative Director; Car Rafanan, Creative Director; Sarah-Marie Glass, Producer; Ewan Anderson, Senior Producer.
PRODUCTION: A Common Thread. Eli Green, director. J.P. McMahon and Tristan Drew, Executive Producers; Jason Richardson, Producer
EDIT:  Beast. Dean Gonzalez, Editor; Joel Signer, Producer; Peter Hullinger, Executive Producer.
VFX/POST: Brewster Parsons. Louis Mackall, VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame; Alex Carlson, Producer; Darcy Parsons and Jason Cohon, Executive Producers.
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