Editor Melissa Kent weaves the tense real-life
that drew the attention of
the entire nation
HOLLYWOOD—Hula Post recently provided
editorial systems, facilities and support to editor Melissa Kent for her work
on Captive, Paramount Pictures’ new thrilling
drama. Kent spent six months cutting the film at Hula’s Burbank facility,
followed by an additional two weeks on Paramount
Pictures lot in Hollywood. Hula provided Avid workstations and storage at both
Melissa Kent
Directed by Jerry
Jameson (Last Flight Out) and
starring David Oyelowo (Selma) and
Kate Mara (House of Cards), Captive centers on Brian Nichols who
captured national attention in 2005 when he broke out of a Georgia courthouse
after killing a judge and three other people. He subsequently took Ashley
Smith, a single mother, hostage and held her for several hours before
surrendering to authorities.
The movie tells the story with gripping realism. The first
minutes of the film, when Nichols makes his escape, features intense action
with almost no dialogue. Much of the balance of the film occurs in Smith’s
small apartment where the ratcheting anxiety is heightened by the flowing
camerawork of cinematographer Luis David Sansans.

Kent enhances the dramatic tension with an editorial
approach that is deliberate, but understated. “My job is to be responsive to
the actors, and David Oyelowo and Kate Mara are amazing,” she observes. “Although
playing a killer, David brought a deep humanity to Brian Nichols, and Kate was
wonderfully subtle and expressive.”
“The film is very dynamic in the way it was shot; the
camerawork is completely hand-held and constantly in motion,” Kent adds. “Once
Brian takes Ashley hostage in her apartment, the camerawork heightened the
frenetic energy of Brian, and contrasted well with the stillness of Ashley.”
Kent notes that the support she received from Hula Post
freed her from technology concerns and allowed her to focus on storytelling. “Hula
bends over backwards to make the environment very pleasant and conducive to
creativity,” she says.
Kent, who reviewed historical records including the 9-1-1
call from the incident as part of her preparation, notes that the real-life
events were always on her mind. “It’s an intense story and makes for an
exciting, compelling movie,” she says, “and is all the more powerful and tragic
because it is true.”
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