CHICAGO—Thoughtfulness and love are often
best expressed through simple acts. In an engaging new spot for McDonald’s,
STORY’S Jeff France tells the tale of a dad who helps his daughter make it
through the biggest day of her life with a little help from the restaurant

Conceived by Leo Burnett, Chicago, DIY Wedding centers on the vibrant energy of a young couple’s
wedding reception. Bride and groom chat with guests, pose for photos, dance in
celebration… but never have time to eat. When they finally pile into a limo and
prepare to leave, they realize they’re famished. To their surprise, they find a
pair of McDonald’s Quarter Pounders with Cheese on a neatly-prepared tray. An
accompanying note from the bride’s father states, “There’s never time to eat at
your own wedding.”
France tells the story with understated charm. The wedding
reception feels authentic and instantly familiar. Clues to the couple’s growing
hunger are subtle. “Any moment they try to catch their breath, someone new
steps up and they have to greet that person warmly,” says France. “At one point
the groom glances to the side and we see his view of their untouched plates at
table number one.”
The commercial was shot in the handsomely appointed backyard
of a suburban Chicago home. France credits a strong cast and a dedicated crew
for a production that was a model of efficiency. “There was exceptional
teamwork among everyone involved,” France recalls. “On the shoot we worked
quickly, went with our instincts, and kept it fresh. That’s what gives the spot
its spontaneous, very believable feel, and the experience couldn’t have been
more rewarding.”
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Title: DIY Wedding
Client: McDonald’s
Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago
Production:  STORY. Jeff France, Director. Merilee
Newman, Producer. Mark Androw and Cliff Grant, Executive Producers. Brian
O’Connell, Director of Photography. Alev Yasatan, Art Director. Christine
Sorich, Wardrobe Stylist.
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