Los Angeles—Director,
designer and artist Ken Lambert has signed with Accomplice Media for exclusive
representation in the United States. Lambert, who is based in Australia, has
created ads for major brands in Australia, Asia
and Europe, including Coca Cola, Disney, Hyundai, Pepsi, Optus, Foxtel, Kenmore,
Sanitarium and VW. He is known for his strong visual style and storytelling
Ken Lambert
Lambert initially met Accomplice Media Executive Producer Mel Gragido
several years ago while in the U.S. for a project shoot. They stayed in touch
and looked for an opportunity to collaborate. “What I like about Accomplice is
their hunger to do great work and see their directors succeed in
a very competitive market,” Lambert notes. “They are solid people
with good character, straight talking and very human.”
“We are excited about Ken and what he brings to Accomplice,” said
Executive Producer Jeff Snyder. “Ken is able to handle a range of visual
projects and brings a designer’s mind to VFX projects.  He also isn’t limited to VFX and loves
working with talent and bringing out great performances.”

“What  resonates for me with Kens
work is  that  every piece he does, regardless of the amount
of live action or visual  effects  involved possesses a magical quality that
really engages  the viewer,” adds
Lambert is the founder of the live action production company Sheepish
Lion and Creative Director of the design studio Ink Project, both based in
Sydney. His directing career spans 14 years with his most recent project being
a campaign for Disneyland, Shanghai, currently in post-production. Other
notable recent work includes an ongoing campaign for Foxtel, Australia, featuring
actor Chris Hemsworth. In its latest iteration, the star of Thor strolls through the sets of
different television shows, seamlessly knitted together through clever camera
work and special effects.
“I am interested in creating engaging pieces that are well crafted and
evoke a strong emotive response,” Lambert says. “My range is diverse, from
simple narrative-based pieces to abstracted art. My background in design and
post production sees me often combine narrative elements with visual effects
and design.”
After studying art and design at the University of
Western Sydney, Lambert began his career with Earth Exchange Museum. He later
served as Creative Director at Garner MacLennan Design before joining Ink
Project in 2001. His work there included broadcast campaigns for SyFy, SBS, TVNZ
Network One, 2, 7, Maori Television, Foxtel Movies, 2010 Winter Olympics, 2012
London Games, the Arts Channel and World Heritage Channel. Lambert is also a
photographer and fine-art painter.

Lambert says that he is eager to work with U.S. agencies. “I am a
collaborative person, focused on creating high quality outcomes for the project
at hand,” he notes. “I am idea focused and bring a wealth of experience and
talent to every project. More so, I am a storyteller capable of bringing
diverse techniques to convey a story or message.”
For more information about
Accomplice Media, visit http://www.accomplice-media.com/
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