advertising agency creates a new identity for the venerable theater; enlists
celebrated artist Aaron De La Cruz in campaign for “Curran: Under Construction”

NEW YORK—Even as it undergoes a
multi-million dollar physical renovation, San Francisco’s landmark Curran is refreshing
its brand with help from AKA. The entertainment advertising and marketing
agency has developed an eye-catching campaign promoting Curran: Under Construction, a festival of non-traditional events
held in a restricted portion of the theater unaffected by construction
activity. The festival and the supporting marketing campaign are part of a
broader effort to create a bold, new identity for the theatre—which hosts
Broadway shows and other live events—in tune with evolving theater demographics
and audience tastes.

“The Curran is not only renovating, it’s expanding its
programming and it’s reaching out to a wider audience,” says AKA Cultural
Business Supervisor Kevin Bradley. “San Francisco has diverse, culturally aware
population, but many people are not regular theater-goers. We want to change
Working alongside Curran’s national publicity agency,
O&M Co., AKA’s creative team has been working with San Francisco artist
Aaron De La Cruz to create visuals with a local flair for Curran: Under Construction. De La Cruz’s minimalist,
graffiti-inspired artwork has been applied to the exterior of the 93-year-old
theater. It has also been incorporated into the event website, advertising,
programs, tee shirts and other material.
The tone of the campaign, says Bradley, was inspired by
Curran owner Carole Shorenstein Hays, who believes the venue should reflect its
urban environment. “Aaron’s artwork speaks to Carole’s view of San Francisco as
a dynamic, multi-ethnic community,” Bradley observes. “It’s bold and daring.”
AKA complemented the artwork at the front of the theater
with a whimsical system of arrows that directs audience members to a side stage
door that provides egress to the temporary performance space. “The visuals are
designed to attract a lot of attention and make the whole building stand out,”
Bradley says.
“AKA has infused the Curran with a look and feel that
perfectly communicates our ethos,” Shorenstein Hays said.  “The façade of
the building now stands as a representation of our commitment to local artists,
our respect of tradition, and our desire to take bold creative risks.  It
has been, and continues to be, a deeply satisfying collaboration.”
The project is exciting for AKA, which has created campaigns
for such Broadway hits as Matilda the Musical, Les Misérables, Fiddler on
the Roof
and Dames at Sea.
“It’s our first project for a West Coast arts organization,” Bradley observes.
“It’s fun and a very creative project.”
About AKA
AKA is a global,
full-service advertising agency with offices in the US, UK and Australia.
The AKA Group, including Digital Media
and the film advertising agency The Creative Partnership,
delivers creative, strategic and insightful campaigns to the entertainment and
culture industries worldwide.
The New York
office, led by Elizabeth Furze and Scott Moore, delivers innovative solutions
across media, marketing, partnerships, interactive, creative, broadcast content,
insights, and campaign management, with a proven record for producing sales-driven
campaigns for premium, must-see productions, venues, exhibitions and events.

Current and recent NYC clients include: Matilda The
Musical, Les Misérables, Fiddler on the Roof, Dames at Sea, Spring Awakening,
American Psycho, Hand to God, Sylvia, Wolf Hall Parts One & Two,
The Audience.
For more information, visit aka.nyc
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