vs. The International Snack Committee in the hilarious case of the honest
flawlessly attired businessman confronts an “international snack committee”
over the contents of a snack food in a new spot for international food brand
Chipita directed by Peter Dietrich. The smiling don confidently assures the
committee chairman that his self-named product, Pizzeti, does indeed include real
tomatoes and cheese, and ominously adds that the last man who questioned his
integrity is “now learning to hit a hammer with his other hand.”

Dietrich, who directs U.S. projects
for A Common Thread, brings a sly sense of humor and sparkling production value
to the piece. In fact, the spot has the look of a studio crime drama from the
1940s. It opens with shots of newspapers emblazoned with sensational headlines
about the “Pizzeti Case,” then cuts to the committee hall, overflowing with
reporters, cameramen, grim faced lawyers and nervous committee members. The
period costuming, props and make-up are all perfectly executed.
The acting is also first rate, particularly that of
the spot’s adversaries played by British actor Tom Knight (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and
Greek actor Letferis Eleftheriou (I Genia Ton 592 Euro). Dietrich says
he aimed for deadpan performances. “We played the hearing as a serious matter
between real men about real cheese,” he notes. “Everyone is telling the truth,
at all times, about an ‘honest’ snack.”
Dietrich shot the spot in a single shoot day in Belgrade, Serbia with the support of the
historic Museum of the local Film Archive.
 A Common
is located at 4081 Redwood Avenue, Los Angeles,
California 90066. For more information, call 310.823.7300 or visit www.acommonthread.tv  

CLIENT: Chipita (Pizzeti)
TITLE: The Committee
AGENCY:  Black Cherry. Christos Kerassiotis, Executive Creative Director; Stamatis Athanassoulas, Executive Producer.
DIRECTOR: Peter Dietrich (Dietrich is represented in the U.S. by A Common Thread.)
PRODUCTION:  Topcut Stamatis Athanassoulas and Paco Karabas, Producers; Jon Gaute Espevold, Director of Photography.
SOUND: Sonicmotion
POST: Digital Straik, Topcut Modiano
MUSIC: Klaus Lehr
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