Film and television market uses new cloud-based
media management platforms to connect sellers with buyers in 58 countries.

Lugano, SwitzerlandWCPMedia
recently helped MIA
Market, Italy’s first-ever international market for film, television,
documentaries and video games, connect content owners with potential buyers
through the use of its groundbreaking media management platform. The
cloud-based service allowed MIA’s 1600 participants—in Rome and in 58 countries
worldwide—to view new content on demand via secure, online screening rooms. MIA
was held recently in Rome in conjunction with the Rome Film Fest.
WCPMedia Services is rapidly
changing the way film markets do business. It’s no longer necessary to hunt for
slots to host market screenings or to send DVDs to distributors around the
world.  Instead, sellers upload content
to a cloud database, then invite buyers, journalists and others into
password-protected screening rooms. Users can watch the content at their
convenience via a laptop, mobile device or other screen. The service marks a
leap forward in security as copying is protected and content is watermarked by

MIA Director Lucia
Milazzotto says the WCPMedia’s platform was a
great convenience for all participants, buyers and sellers. “Markets are an
opportunity to make and strengthen relationships,” she explains. “Participants
prioritize meetings and often lack time to attend screenings.”
The virtual screening
rooms allowed participants to screen content before and after the market, she
notes. It also provided sellers with a way to reach potential buyers who could
not be physically present. “Participants could do follow up screenings, and
share exciting content with their teams,” she observes. “It’s a great tool to
finalize deals and avoid missing opportunities.”
The WCPMedia
platform also collects data that can be a boon to sales. “Sales agents know who
has seen the film and when they watched it,” Milazzotto says. “You can
immediately gauge the interest level and take action.”
solution greatly improved our ability to organize and control content,” Milazzotto
adds. “It made our interactions with participants and buyers much more
efficient. It also allowed us to extend market activity beyond the dates of the
market itself. It’s a tool that we can use throughout the year.”
MIA plans to use WCPMedia
Services’ media management platform at its second annual market event this
October in Rome.
About WCPMedia Services
Founded in
2011 in Switzerland, World Content
Pole SA
(aka WCPMedia Services) is
an entertainment software and services company based in Switzerland and USA (and
now also in Toronto) that manages, markets and distributes content to business
partners and clients quickly, easily and securely. WCPMedia
Services offers a platform of smart process applications that combines
proprietary software with top-tier solutions developed by proven and trusted
technology companies.
For more
information, visit
USA Office:  7083 Hollywood
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Canada Office: 390 Bay Street, Suite
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Europe Office: Via Zurigo 35,
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