Parker, as Chief Business
Development Officer, and DeRonde, as President of Post Production, will work to
integrate the company’s production and post-production operations across the
U.S. and Canada.

Los Angeles —The SIM Group today announces the promotion of two senior
executives: Chris Parker will serve as Chief Business Development Officer and
Bill DeRonde will act as President of Post Production. The strategic moves will
unify the company’s North American operating units that service film and
television productions with everything from camera rental and grip and lighting
packages to a full range of post-production services.
Parker, as CBDO, will manage SIM Group’s entire umbrella of
services. “We’ve brought together an incredible group of companies, which,
collectively, represent an unprecedented resource to film and TV producers,”
says Parker. “I am very excited to continue working with the talented
professionals at SIM to ensure the industry fully benefits from our unique
ability to service shows from script to screen.”
Chris Parker
Parker joined SIM Group in 2009 through its acquisition of
Bling Digital, a company he co-founded. Under his leadership, Bling Digital
pioneered the development of digital cinema workflows while servicing film and
television productions globally.
DeRonde, founder and President of Chainsaw, will oversee the
five post-production service providers in the group – Bling Digital, Chainsaw,
Post Factory NY, Tattersall Sound & Picture and Pixel Underground – and
increase their growth, diversification, integration and collaboration company
DeRonde, A five-time Emmy Award-winning editor, began
Chainsaw in 1996 and built the company into one of the largest independent
post-production service providers in Los Angeles, whose credit list includes American
, The Academy Awards, The Prime Time Emmy Awards, Game
of Thrones
and Madam Secretary.
Chainsaw joined the SIM Group in 2014.

forward, both executives will focus on unifying the SIM brand to ensure the
client experience remains consistent across all divisions. “I’m excited,” says
DeRonde, “We have great people and I see enormous potential for our company.”

Bill DeRonde
Over the past several years, the SIM Group has expanded its
size, scope and geographic reach. Through their numerous acquisitions such as
PS Production Services, Bling Digital, Chainsaw, Post Factory NY, Tattersall
Sound & Picture and Pixel Underground, SIM Group now operates in Los
Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Atlanta.
The Los Angeles-based companies will move into a new
facility in Hollywood – the newly renovated, former Eastman Kodak building –
which will serve as SIM Group’s West Coast headquarters. The location offers
comprehensive service in camera rental, dailies workflow and post-production,
all under one roof. Parker and DeRonde have been integral in shaping the SIM
Vision with their experience, passion and drive to deliver excellence, which
will lead the group to an unprecedented level of film and television
noted that SIM Group companies are already working cooperatively on a number of
projects to help clients work more efficiently, solve production issues and
overcome geographic boundaries. “We can help reduce costs and deliver a
seamless experience,” promises Parker.
number of shows that are coming to us for a wide range of services is growing
rapidly,” affirms DeRonde, “and we feel it’s our unique ability to facilitate projects
from concept to completion that is fueling this trend.” Whether it’s 4K, HDR or
Dolby Atmos, “our industry is constantly changing and, by combining multiple
services, we are much stronger at developing quick and efficient solutions to
all of those needs.”
About SIM Group:
Backed by Toronto-based investment firm
Granite Partners, the SIM Group is a leading supplier of production equipment,
workflow and post-production solutions, with offices across the US, Canada and
China. Our diverse services can be utilized on any production at any stage. In Canada,
our offices in Toronto and Vancouver service grip and lighting from PS
Production Services and can be complemented with SIM Digital cinematography and
playback equipment for any production’s needs.  Bling, Chainsaw, Pixel
Underground, Tattersall Sound and Picture and Post Factory NY provide an
array of services from dailies, to online and offline editing, to final
color/DI and visual effects, to sound editorial and mixing. Bling’s services,
which include a comprehensive workflow solution, are offered at all offices
across the US and Canada, as well as off-site service through POD (Post on
Demand).  Chainsaw’s full-service facility in Hollywood provides creative
editorial and extensive finishing services with some of the top colorists in
the industry. Rounding out the family of companies are Pixel
Underground, a Toronto-based post-production company, and its associated
service, StationEX, which provides physical and file-based media fulfillment
and encoding/distribution services, Tattersall Sound and Picture, a
provider of sound editorial and mixing for motion pictures and television and
Post Factory NY, one of the East Coast’s top independent post-production
facilities. For more information, visit
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