LOS ANGELES— Continuing to attract high quality television projects, FuseFX’s offices in
Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver are providing visual effects services for six
new hit series that have debuted in 2016. They include projects for CBS, FX,
NBC, PBS and Syfy. 
New series being serviced by FuseFX include:
American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson, a 10-episode, true-crime series produced by
Ryan Murphy Productions for FX. Jon Massey is VFX Supervisor for FuseFX, Los

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, a crime drama about a division of the FBI that helps Americans in
danger abroad. ABC Studios and CBS TV Studios are producing the series for CBS.
Jason Piccioni is VFX Supervisor for FuseFX, Los Angeles.
Game of Silence, a one-hour drama, produced by Sony Pictures
Television for NBC, about a successful attorney with a dark past. The show is
based on a Turkish series of the same name. Greg Anderson and David Reynolds are VFX Supervisors for
FuseFX, New York.
The Magicians, produced by Groundswell Productions for Syfy, is a fantasy series based
on the Lev Grossman books. Shawn
Hillier and Jason Dowdeswell are VFX Supervisors for FuseFX, Vancouver.
Mercy Street,
a six-part Civil War epic produced by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions for
PBS, the network’s first American drama in a decade. Jon Massey is VFX
Supervisor for FuseFX, Los Angeles.
Shades of Blue, NBC’s crime drama about a single-mother NYPD officer working in the FBI’s
anti-corruption task force. David
Reynolds is VFX Supervisor for
FuseFX, New York.
About FuseFX
FuseFX is a full-service visual effects studio serving the
television, feature film and advertising industries from facilities in Los
Angeles, New York and Vancouver. Founded in 2006 by David Altenau, the company encompasses
a staff of more than 100 highly talented and experienced artists, producers and
support personnel. Using its refined, custom database and pipeline, the company
can accommodate numerous, high shot-count productions while delivering high-quality,
on-time results.
For more information, visit http://fusefx.com/
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