In U.S. debut, Irish director
lenses inspired campaign launching new mobile game Bejeweled Stars.

LOS ANGELES—GEORGE’s Lorcan Finnegan has directed a
new campaign for Electronic Arts and Team One that offers a whimsical take on
the life-altering power of the new “match-3” game Bejeweled Stars.
In one of four spots, a man finds escape from his wife’s
boring television show in a game of Bejeweled Stars. He matches a set of tiles
and suddenly everything around him changes. His gauche apartment is transformed
into curling arena, lit like a disco dance hall. His wife and dog furiously
sweep the ice as he rides a giant curling stone toward a goal. The campaign
tagline is “Go to your Shiny Place.”
Conceived by Team One Creative Directors Kathryn McFarlane
and Phil Henson, the campaign marks the U.S. debut of the Irish-born Finnegan,
who recently joined GEORGE through its alliance with Dublin production company
Butter. The young director has built a devoted following among some of the top
agencies in Europe for his quirky brand of comedy, unusual casting and
imaginative production design.

Finnegan’s environments for the EA Games spots are highly
stylized, visually alive and filled with inventive idiosyncratic details. The
couple’s apartment, for example, is decorated as a shrine to their dog, boasting
Pomeranian-themed pillows, kitschy paintings and figurines. (The dog,
“Jif,”  featured in the spot, holds the
Guinness Book of World Records title as “Fastest Dog on Two Legs” and boasts 2
million followers on Instagram.)

The characters in each of the spots are odd, yet somehow
familiar. “I’m always looking for expressive faces; people who can emote
without having to do much,” Finnegan says. “I want people who are relatable,
who remind you of someone…a cousin or a friend of your sister’s.”
The result is a distinct comic vision that’s warm, charming
and imbued with a delicious weirdness. “I love his approach to comedy,” notes
GEORGE founder, Executive Producer Beth George. “The feel is unique and it’s
very, very funny. Lorcan is detail-oriented, yet sees the big picture always.”
The spots were produced in part in the U.S. and in part in
Ireland with a cast of American and British actors. Many of the clever visuals
were devised and executed by Finnegan in camera, including each spot’s seamless
match cut from the characters’ bland everyday environment to the vibrant “Shiny
Place” world inspired by the game.
Noting that Finnegan’s creative interests extend to sketch
comedy, photography, animation, motion graphics and feature filmmaking, George
says that he is the kind of talent she wanted to introduce to U.S. agencies
when she formed GEORGE in 2014. “All of our directors do a variety of types of
projects,” she says. “Sophia Banks is a fashion designer, celebrity-stylist,
film director and commercial director.  Rob Groenwold is an
editor, writer and director.  Jeffrey DeChausse is also an agency
creative,  film director and still
photographer. Yousef Eldin, newly signed with GEORGE, is both an
experienced DP and director of music videos and online content.  We are focused on working with filmmakers who are excited
about the potential of the new reality we find ourselves in.”
Lorcan Finnegan
Titles: Winter Sports Enthusiast
Client: Electronic Arts
Agency: Team One. Kathryn McFarlane and Phil Henson, Creative Directors; Janet Anderson, Associate Director of Business Affairs; David Peake, Director of Business Affairs; Alex Smulian and Jason Whitehead, Copywriters; Ryan Davis, Art Director; Leah Bohl, Senior Producer; Tiffany Otoya, Producer; Julie Michael, President; Steve Bava, Management, Director of Shared Accounts; Chris Graves, Chief Creative Officer; LisaMarie Gaulin, Project Manager; Henry Simonds, Account Supervisor; Sam Walsh, Executive Producer.
Production. GEORGE, Los Angeles. Lorcan Finnegan, director; Beth George, executive producer; Maeliosa Tiernan Producer.
Edit: TOM. Bryan Cook, Executive Producer; Bryan Cook and Fred Foquet, Editors; Gina Grosso, Post Producer.
Post: Brewster Parsons. Darcy Parsons, Executive Producer;  Andy Mac, VFX Supervisor;  Adolfo Martinelli, Colorist.
Music: “Yes, Yes Yes” by Egyptian Lover
Sound: Juice Studios, Bob Gremore, Sound Mixer.
For more information about GEORGE, call 323.592.3310 or
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