VFX facility’s current projects include “Mr. Robot,” “The Get Down and “Luke Cage.”

NEW YORK—Buoyed by rising television
productions, FuseFX has expanded its presence in New York. The facility has
moved its operations in the city to larger quarters able to accommodate a dynamic
team of more than 50 artists.
FuseFX has seen its workload steadily expand since its New
York office debuted in 2014. The facility recently completed its second season
of NBC’s The Blacklist and is
currently providing visual effects services for The Get Down (Netflix), Mr.
(USA), Marvel’s Luke Cage (Netflix)
and Sneaky Pete (Amazon). FuseFX is
headquartered in Los Angeles and also has a production facility in Vancouver.

FuseFX New York’s new quarters are in the same SoHo building
as its original facility, and provide an increase of more than 60 percent in
physical space. The studio has also beefed up its workflow – which is optimized
for 4K – with additional workstations, more servers and a larger rendering
“We’re very busy,” says FuseFX New York’s Head of Production/Senior
Visual Effects Supervisor Greg Anderson. “Production activity has grown
steadily all year. Our new space is perfect for our current needs and for the
future. There is room for further expansion on both sides of the office. It was
the right time and the right place.”
Anderson adds that FuseFX has also been adding artists and
production staff. “We’ve been slowly integrating people into our processes,
methodologies and philosophies,” he notes. 
“Our senior artists and producers have been with FuseFX for a long time
and that enables us to deliver consistently excellent results to our clients.”
About FuseFX
FuseFX is a full-service visual
effects studio serving the television, feature film and advertising industries
from facilities in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. Founded in 2006 by
David Altenau, the company encompasses a staff of more than 200 highly talented
and experienced artists, producers and support personnel. Using its refined,
custom database and pipeline, the company can accommodate numerous, high
shot-count productions while delivering high-quality, on-time results.
For more information, visit http://fusefx.com/
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