B2B Cloud-based platform used to store and share media for sports media
exposition hosted by the Brazilian Olympic Museum.

Rio de Janeiro— WCPMedia Services’ revolutionary cloud-based digital
asset management platform is currently being used to manage content for Sports Memories: Rio 2016, a traveling sports media
exposition depicting—after 10 years of intensive restoration—a cinematic
history of world Olympic and Brazilian sports spanning 100 years.

Sponsored by
The Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS), the exposition
will be held at the recently-opened Brazilian Olympics Museum in Rio de Janeiro
and coincides with the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games. The film content shown
in this exhibition were primarily drawn from Olympic archives belonging
mostly to the Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs (FICTS) and
the International Olympic Committee.
WCP is being
used to ingest, manage and distribute both the exposition’s historical media
and the festival submissions. The platform makes it easy and efficient to
manage very large media files resulting in significant cost savings for the
festival over traditional distribution means. It also offers improved security,
as well as cutting edge tools for transcoding, digital screening rooms and
Memories: Rio 2016
part of the FICTS World Challenge, a travelling sports media festival and
competition held annually in 19 locations around the globe. The exposition event
in Brazil, produced by Guanabara Filmes, will feature films, documentaries,
television programs, news footage and other media in three categories: History of World Sport, History of Brazilian Sport and the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The event will
also include a screening room where the public will be able to watch live
events in the Olympic and Paralympic games on 16 HD channels.
“The expo
takes people on a trip through time from the beginning of the Olympics in
antiquity through the modern era,” says FICTS President Franco Ascani. “It will
include, for the first time ever in Brazil, sports footage filmed by the
Lumière Brothers in 1896, as well as Leni Riefenstahl’s images of the 1936
Berlin Olympics, the participation of Brazilian athletes in the Olympics, and
the beginning of the Paralympics in Rome in 1960.”  Assets from the
exposition will be available for use by the other 22 institutions in the
Olympic Museum Network worldwide.
to the festival come from producers, broadcasters, libraries and other sources
worldwide. “WCP makes the submission process very easy,” explains WCPMedia Services Vice President of Operations Giovanni
Contri. “The process of ingesting, transcoding, distributing and managing very
large files is simple and transparent, regardless of the original format. And
it’s fully secure: Media are stored on servers with security on par with Swiss
banks. The expo organizers are in complete control over access the media
assets. Last but not least, it includes an embedded flexible screening room that
provides a controlled environment for promoting assets.”
Since 2014, FICTS has relied on WCPMedia Services
to support processes for all its events. This partnership has been reconfirmed
for the 2016 FICTS
Festivals, a circuit of 19 sports media festivals held in cities around the
globe. The best work from the local festivals will be selected for inclusion in
World FICTS Challenge slated for 15-20 November in Milan. A worldwide audience
of more than 3 million people is expected to attend the festivals.

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