Food content gurus
Todd Coleman and Jonathan Cohen are disrupting the over-cooked world of food
advertising with juicy concepts and tasty prices.
NEW YORK—A Brooklyn-based creative content
producer has an offer food brands can really sink their teeth into. They’ll
produce a 30-second television commercial with sparkling creative and high
production value at a bargain basement price. Their name says it all:

The upstart company with the tongue-in-cheek name is the
brain child of Todd Coleman and Jonathan Cohen, principals of Delicious
Contents, which has produced a
ton of web content for major food companies like Chobani, McCormick and
Conagra, in addition to working with big agencies including Grey, New York, and
JWT on food accounts. Along with creative flair, the company
applies  elevated production value,
making their work stand apart from other web content. Clients have come to view
their shoots as on par with more costly commercial productions. Producing
actual broadcast work seemed like the logical next step.

In an environment where tightening budgets sometimes oblige
agencies to accept less than optimal work, Delicious Contents’ ability to
deliver premium results across all platforms is attractive. “Food needs to look
appealing,” explains Coleman. “That may seem obvious, but brands and partners
have been missing that. We feel there has to be a way to deliver the
commercials they desperately need at the price they desperately want to pay.”
To avoid protracted negotiations over individual line items,
Coleman and Cohen came up with the idea of offering production services as a
package deal. The aim, says Cohen, is to offer agencies and clients with a
holistic solution that combines creative and production, and keeps everything
within clear budgetary parameters, but without sacrificing quality. “Our number
just happens to be one-third of what it generally costs to hire an established
tabletop director,” he notes. “And our spot will be as good…or better.” from Delicious Contents on Vimeo.

As a proof of concept, Coleman and
Cohen have produced a commercial for themselves. In it, the pair exchange
banter about the genesis of their new venture while making use of the
tried-and-true ad technique of constant repeats of the brand name.
Coleman and Cohen launched Delicious Contents a year and a
half ago with a mission to focus exclusively on content for food brands.
Coleman is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. His achievements
include a stint at Executive Food Editor at Saveur, where he taught himself
photography and videography. He is perhaps best known to the public for his
leading role as The Garlic Guy, arguably the first food video to go viral. Cohen is a veteran
ad executive who got his start as a broadcast producer at Ogilvy & Mather,
before leaving for the digital side during the first internet boom. Before
co-founding Delicious Contents, he straddled senior production and account
management roles at agencies including Grey, BBH and FCB.
“We’re playing off industry norms and standards, and being
disruptive,” Cohen says. “Some people will laugh, others will think ‘They’re
killing us!’ and others will think, ‘We want to give those guys a try.’”
The cost, he adds, is simple. “$75,000.00.”
Delicious Contents is located at 194 Columbia Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201. For more information, contact
or (718) 797-2469.

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