Only mix stage on the West
Coast equipped for IMAX 12.0 sound format
CALIF.—Sony Pictures Post
Production Services has added a mix stage dedicated exclusively to IMAX. The
new stage, which is equipped with a 24-fader Avid S6 mixing console, is the
only dub stage on the West Coast that uses IMAX loudspeakers and meets specifications
for mixing in its immersive IMAX 12.0 sound format. The room will be used to
prepare 2D and 3D theatrical features and trailers for release to IMAX®
theaters worldwide.
The stage is located in the Jimmy
Stewart Building on the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City. Sony Pictures
engineers worked with their counterparts from IMAX Corporation to install and
align the IMAX 12.0 system. “We are excited to offer this new resource to the
motion picture community,” said Sony Pictures Post Production Services Executive Vice
President Tom McCarthy. “We are committed to supporting all theatrical sound
formats and are particularly impressed with the dynamic quality of IMAX 12.0.”

“We’re delighted
to have Sony’s new mix stage, which was specifically designed and equipped for the
new IMAX 12.0  and 5.0 sound formats,  become available to mix and optimize films
being presented in the IMAX format,” added Bruce Markoe, Senior Vice President
and Head of Post Production, IMAX Corp. “We look forward to working with their
great teams to help bring our enhanced sound formats to IMAX audiences worldwide.”

Sony Pictures Post Production
Services’ new stage will provide California-based studios with an alternative
for preparing titles for IMAX release. “We will provide studios and production companies with an
efficient solution so they can get their titles out to IMAX theaters promptly,” noted Sony Pictures Post Production Services Lead Engineer Nathan
Oishi. “Having access to a local source will make it easier for studios to
manage the review and approval process, and help improve quality.”
Along with
the Avid S6 console, the stage features four AVID HDX-3 digital audio
workstations, a Sony  SRX-R320 4K Cinema
Projector, RealD 3D system, a MDI Precision White Screen, JBL and IMAX loudspeakers
and a variety of other sound and picture support gear.
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