distribution company employs the cloud-based media management platform to
distribute its popular television shows to broadcasters around the globe.

HOLLYWOOD— Entertainment studio Electus has seen the future of media
content distribution and its name is WCPMedia
Services. Distributors of such popular television series as Running Wild with Bear Gryllis, Jane the Virgin, Fameless and Style by Jury,
Electus began using WCPMedia’s cloud-based
platform last year through its international arm to deliver content to
broadcasters around the world. What began as a pilot project, quickly became
standard operating procedure. The company now uses WCPMedia
Services to deliver hundreds of shows each month to customers including
divisions of Sky TV, Turner, Viacom and Discovery, on six continents.

“We use WCPMedia for high-speed,
high-volume file transfers, and we use it a lot,” says Electus International
Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations Brad Jorgensen. “We upload master
files of our shows onto the WCPMedia cloud. Our
customers are then able to sign in and download them. It’s fast, easy and

Electus formerly required outside service providers to
deliver content to its international customers. That meant loading show files
onto hard drives and delivering them to post houses, which handled distribution
to end users. “It was cumbersome and inefficient,” observes Jorgensen. “Now, we
no longer have to send hard drives all over town; we can do it all from our

One factor that gave Electus confidence to switch to WCPMedia Services was its use of Aspera as its high-speed
file transfer engine. Jorgensen notes that Aspera is fast, reliable and a known
brand. “Broadcasters in small markets and remote areas often aren’t as
technologically advanced as those in major media centers, and so they are
reluctant to work with a delivery service that they’re unfamiliar with,” he
explains. “But 90 percent of broadcasters around the world use Aspera and they
know that it works.”
WCPMedia also delivers the
near-perfect reliability required by the broadcast industry. “We can’t use a
distribution service if it doesn’t have a better than 99-percent success rate,”
Jorgensen notes. “We have that with WCPMedia. On
those rare occasions when a customer has a question or trouble logging in, WCPMedia’s tech support quickly jumps in to communicate
with the customer and resolve the issue.”
Jorgensen says that Electus’ transition to cloud
distribution happened faster than he anticipated. Last fall, when Electus was
evaluating WCPMedia, it set up a trial involving
the delivery of 20 television episodes. It worked without a hitch. “WCPMedia passed that test,” he recalls, “and now we’ve
delivered more than 1200 files.”
Although Electus primarily employs WCPMedia for file delivery, the platform also includes
powerful features for media management, transcoding, media review, and
marketing. As a result, it can benefit a wide variety of media companies with different
requirements and applications. “Electus continues to expand its partnerships
with broadcasters and content producers around the globe, and many of those
companies could also benefit from WCPMedia,”
Jorgensen asserts. “Some may employ the full scope of features the platforms
provides; others might use one component intensively as we do. It’s a fluid
tool that adapts to the user.”
WCPMedia Services
in 2011 in Switzerland, World
Content Pole SA
(aka WCPMedia Services) is
an entertainment software and services company based in Europe (Switzerland),
USA and Canada that manages, markets and distributes content to business
partners and clients quickly, easily and securely. WCPMedia
Services offers a platform of smart process applications that combines
proprietary software with top-tier solutions developed by proven and trusted
technology companies.
For more information, visit
Office:  7083 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood CA 90028 
Office: 390 Bay Street, Suite 1706, Toronto M5H 2Y2
Office: Via Peri 17, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland
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