See MTI Film at NAB, SL14808.

HOLLYWOOD— At NAB 2017, MTI Film ( will launch updates to its
family of Cortex applications designed to take media from set to screen.
Unveiled in four editions, Cortex v4 is MTI Film’s most comprehensive toolset
to date. In addition to features standard in Cortex for years, such as a
comprehensive dailies toolset, IMF and AS-02 packaging, and high-quality up-res
algorithms, Cortex v4 adds DCP packaging (with integrated ACES color support),
an extended edit tool and officially-certified Dolby Vision metadata editing
“We allow users to
manipulate Dolby Vision HDR metadata in the same way that they edit segments of
video,” says Randy Reck, MTI Film’s director of development. “In the edit tool,
they can graphically trim, cut and paste, add metadata to video, analyze new
segments that need metadata, and adjust parameters within the Dolby Vision
metadata on a shot-by-shot basis.”

With the integration of the Dolby Vision ecosystem, Cortex v4
provides a method for simultaneously QC-ing HDR and SDR versions of a shot with
Dolby Vision metadata. For delivery, the inclusion of the Dolby Vision IMF-ish
output format allows for the rendering and delivery of edited Dolby Vision
metadata alongside HDR media in one convenient package.

CORTEX v4 will be showcased
throughout NAB 2017 at MTI Film’s booth, SL14808.
CORTEX v4’s Edit Tool
has been updated to include industry-standard trimming and repositioning of
edited segments within the timeline through its new user-friendly drag-and-drop
function. “We’ve always had a very powerful environment within Cortex to do
simple editing, which is necessary for generating things like an IMF or DCP,”
says Reck. “Now we’ve added a more standard drag-and-drop interface that allows
users familiar with non-linear editors to be immediately productive on Cortex
using the Edit tool. There is no learning curve.”
The entire look
of the Edit Tool (available in the Dailies and Enterprise editions of CORTEX)
has also been updated to accommodate a new Dual Monitor layout, making it
easier to scrub through media in the source monitor while keeping the
composition in context in the record monitor.
Also being
released at NAB 2017 is the new subscription based DIT+ edition of CORTEX. “It
doesn’t make sense for productions to purchase a full software package if their
schedule includes a hiatus when it won’t be used,” explains Reck. “We’re
addressing that issue by offering a fully functioning dailies package on a subscription
basis for users who need it for a short period of time.”
DIT+ contains
all the aspects of the free DIT version of CORTEX with the added ability to
render HD ProRes, DNx and H.264 files for delivery. “Cortex was originally
designed to facilitate dailies workflows,” says Reck. “DIT+ contains all the
functionality needed to go from set to editorial at a very low subscription
price starting at $95 per month, and an NAB special price of $595 for the first
About MTI Film LLC
MTI Film is a leading
provider of software and services to the entertainment industry. Its software
division delivers ground-breaking tools for dailies processing, digital film
restoration and other critical process. They include the CORTEX family of
products, which offer comprehensive solutions for dailies processing, media
management, deliverables and more, and DRS™ NOVA, the industry standard for
digital film restoration.
In Hollywood, MTI Film operates a full-service
post-production facility, providing dailies, editorial, visual effects, color
correction and assembly for film, television and commercials. 
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