Enno Jacobsen and Kristina Slade
inaugurate their new affiliation with a campaign for Ford.
ANGELES— Continuing to add unique talent to its
roster, A Common Thread has signed the directing team of Enno Jacobsen and
Kristina Slade, who work as Jacob/Slade, for exclusive representation in the
United States. Known for their ability to tell stories with charm and humor,
the pair have directed spots for such brands as Target, Mitsubishi and the
Kansas Lottery. In their first outing for A Common Thread, Jacob/Slade has
directed two spots for Ford and GTB
promoting Ford Truck Month.
and Kristina bring style, imagination and passion to every project,” says A Common
Thread Executive Producer J.P. McMahon. “We’ve admired them, and their work for
a long time and are excited to have the opportunity to work with them as they
continue to flourish and grow.”
who is originally from Germany, has been directing commercials for 14 years and
has executed award-winning campaigns for Volkswagen, Target, Toyota and others.
Slade has a background as an agency creative, including stints at Ground Zero,
TBWAChiatDay and AKQA. She has earned numerous accolades for her work,
including Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show and Belding awards.

pair have been working as Jacob/Slade since 2013. Their work together benefits
from Jacobsen’s skills as a filmmaker and storyteller, Slade’s experience as a
creative thinker and brand strategist, and the fluid collaboration that has
developed between them. “We’re excited by storytelling,” notes Slade, “and we
like the challenge of telling stories in a short period of time that both meet
an advertising agenda and impact people, especially when we can do it with a
smile and a wink.”
new Ford work involves elaborate daydreams as visitors to a Ford dealership lay
their hand on a new truck and immediately imagine themselves carrying out
adventurous deeds. While the concept presented excellent storytelling
potential, it also involved a complex production with four days of shooting
across nearly a dozen locations, intricate off-roading sequences, set builds,
and creating inclement weather.
such complex projects, it can be a real benefit to have two directors, observes
Jacobsen. It allowed them to manage a myriad of details and keep the production
on track, without losing the ability to experiment and explore. “We want to be
sure we retain the spontaneity of inspiration,” he explains. “When we come to
set we’ve thought everything through and are fully prepared, and that frees us
to look for the opportunities for magic.”
their decision to join A Common Thread, Slade says that she and Jacobsen feel a
kinship with Executive Producers J.P. McMahon and Tristan Drew. “J.P. and
Tristan are hands-on producers, who invest themselves into their company and
their projects,” she observes. “That struck us because we have that same
commitment. We want to work with people who share our passion and values, and
whom we can trust.”

adds that their experience on Ford confirmed that they made the right choice. “J.P
and Tristan are very detailed, and yet they trusted us to do what we do,” he
insists. “It’s the start of a very good partnership.”
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