Los Angeles— Fortium Technologies, a leading
developer of digital file security solutions for the media and entertainment
industry, will participate in two expert panel discussions at IBC’s C-Tech
Cyber Security Program. The invitation-only event is being held in conjunction
with IBC 2017, September 14-19, at the RAI in Amsterdam.
Fortium Technologies CEO Mathew Gilliat-Smith will join other industry
leaders for a discussion on Cyber Governance entitled Taking the Right Steps. Panelists will review case studies and
discuss what can be done to avoid the same mistakes. They will outline security
measures that companies in the broadcast industry must take to avoid becoming
victims of hackers…and what measures to have in place if a security breach occurs.
The session is scheduled for September 15 at 11:15 a.m. at Room G102-3. Session
host is Michael McEwen, Director General, North American Broadcasters
Association (NABA).
Mathew Gilliat-Smith
“Cybercrime is
on the increase and is here to stay. Piracy can occur at any point in the
digital supply chain and a security breach will lead to significant financial
loss, disrupts roll-out plans and potentially causes lasting damage to a
company’s reputation,” said Gilliat-Smith. “Organizations need to constantly
review the changing threats and budget for the cost of using the proper tools
and protocols to defend against and stay ahead of hackers.”
will also participate in the program’s penultimate session, What If… Moderated by ex Sony Pictures
Entertainment CTO Spencer Stephens, the panel will examine security scenarios,
some based on real events, and offer practical advice on how to manage and
avoid such crises. Panelists will also include representatives of the European
Broadcasting Union and Microsoft’s Azure managed services division. The session
is slated for September 15 at 4:00 p.m. at Room G102-3.

understands the importance of protecting data, but many organizations are not
fully aware of the nature of the threat, or have comprehensive plans for
meeting the challenge,” said Stephens. “This program will offer a perspective
on the scope of the problem and suggest options that can help organizations
avoid becoming victims.”
Technologies offers a variety of software solutions for encryption, copy
protection and file security. Its customers include major networks, producers,
distributors and service providers. Fortium’s at-rest encryption software
MediaSeal is used by companies in the film, television and broadcast industries
worldwide to protect data during post-production processing. Gilliat-Smith is
CEO and co-founder of the company.
To register your Interest in attending IBC’s
C-Tech Cyber Security Program, please visit https://show.ibc.org/forms/c-tech-series
The full IBC Conference and Exhibition is scheduled for 14-19 September.
About Fortium
Fortium Technologies is a leading provider of
digital content security for media and entertainment supplying innovative
technologies that give businesses greater control over their digital content.
MediaSeal file encryption protects all file types in Windows and Mac and can be
used for all b2b workflows. Fortium’s products also protect the Academy and
BAFTA award screeners with Patronus and Blu-Lock anti-rip.
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