Sacramento television
station earns three PromaxBDA awards for musical spot inspired by hit movie. 

SANTA MONICA, Calif.— Blah Blah Land, a television promo for KXTV-TV, Sacramento,
featuring music from Killer Tracks, an
industry leader in production music, came up big at the 2017 PromaxBDA Local
Awards. The ad picked up two Gold Awards and one Bronze Award, the latter for
Best Use of Original Music. Inspired by the Oscar-winning movie La La Land, the promo shows anchors from
the station’s morning show bounding from their cars and performing an upbeat
pop song in the middle of a traffic jam. The voiceover offers KXTV-TV’s Morning Blend as an alternative to the
“blah blah land” of other stations. The spot was conceived by KXTV-TV Creative
Director Drew Fowler.

The music featured in the promo is titled I’m Feelin’ Good and it comes from Feel Good Songs, a collection of catchy
pop tunes produced, and available exclusively through Killer Tracks. The vocals
were performed by actual KXTV staff. “We were looking
for a track that embodied the spirit of La
La Land
, but not a direct copy,” said Fowler. “This worked perfectly.”

“It’s a very memorable, funny and charming promo, and it
makes brilliant use of music,” added Killer Tracks Director of Marketing Andrew
Donahue. “KXTV-TV’s marketing team did a fantastic job and we congratulate them
on their success.” Donahue noted that all tracks in the Killer Tracks library
are written specifically for production use.  As a result, it’s very easy to add new vocal
tracks or make other types of customizations. The library employs top composers
and producers from the film, television and recording industries, and uses
state-of-the-art recording techniques so the sound is always fresh and the
quality first rate.

Blah Blah Land debuted
during the Academy Award show broadcast in February and screened in cinemas and
on social media. KXTV-TV produced the ad in-house using its own creative and
production resources. Impressively, the entire spot was shot in a single take
using a 25-foot jib and a Ronin camera mount. KXTV-TV staff who appear and sing
in the spot include Jason Miller, Ilana Blasingame, Rose Mendonca, Samuel
Platz, Jason Knight, Hugh Gaskill, Steven Parmley, David Montgomery and Theresa
Mier, as well as Fowler. Members of a local parkour gym appear as extras.

Killer Tracks’ Feel Good Songs here.
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