Thread director Eli Green pays tribute to the ingenuity of Subway “sandwich
artists” in a funny new spot out of Austin, Texas agency Proof Advertising.
Titled Breakthrough, the ad centers
on a three-person Subway crew who take on the challenge of fitting the meat
from a foot-long into a flavored wrap. They experience setback’s and puzzle
over diagrams of the underlying physics, but eventually succeed in producing
four perfect Signature Wraps.

Green, who directs with tongue-in-cheek
charm, says the ad is meant to remind viewers of what distinguishes Subway from
other fast-food chains: sandwich artists who prepare each order by hand.
“They’re heroes who help make Subway great,” he says.
Green’s “heroes” are right out of an
action film with one acting as the leader, another as the brains and a third as
the loveably gung-ho sidekick. “We looked for talent that worked well as an
ensemble and felt like a team with a little bit of quirkiness,” he says. “We’re
getting back to the positive feelings people have for Subway and the people who
make their sandwiches.”

Titles:  Problem
Client: Subway
Agency:  Proof Advertising, Austin, TX
Production: A Common Thread. Eli Green, Director. J.P.
McMahon and Tristan Drew, Executive Producers.
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