Launches new affiliation with
campaign for Las Vegas Tourism.

LOS ANGELES — Comedy director Roderick Fenske has joined Bully Pictures
for exclusive representation for advertising projects in the US. Fenske is
known for a distinct brand of comedy that combines absurdist humor with high
production value and cinematic execution. He has already completed his first
project with Bully, a new spot package for the Las Vegas Convention and
Visitors Authority (LVCVA) and its integrated marketing agency of record, R&R
Partners, the latest addition to the long-running “What Happens Here, Stays
Here” campaign. Fenske won a Cannes
Lion for an earlier LVCVA spot entitled ChinChilli
Roderick Fenske
Bully Pictures
Executive Producer Jason Forest says that Fenske’s background as an agency
creative director and comedy writer is evident in his work. “He has great
instincts, truly understands the creative ad process, and is innately funny,”
Forest observes. “He employs a lot of visual trickery and is brilliant in his
use of the camera. It really makes his work stand out.”
In Dream Vacation, the
director’s latest spot to launch for LVCVA, a business woman reflecting on a
recent trip to Las Vegas is shocked to find her memories pictured in a thought
bubble that, remarkably, is visible to her co-workers. “I like to take people
on a journey where the humor is unexpected,” Fenske says. “When the joke lands,
it’s much funnier when you don’t see it coming.”

Fenske is thrilled that his association with Bully has
gotten off to a strong start and he attributes it to Forest’s appreciation for
his quirky brand of humor. “Jason likes what I do and is very good at
communicating it,” he says. “It’s important to have an EP who is your advocate
and can talk to people about your work in depth.”

Fenske began his career with agencies in San Francisco and
New York, before relocating to London where he was on staff at St. Luke’s and
TBWA. He turned to directing at the urging of legendary British advertising
executive Trevor Beattie. Since then, he has helmed hundreds of commercials and
short films and has received numerous awards including ones at Cannes Lions, D&AD,
One Show and Eurobest. 
Fenske’ commercial
credits include a spot for Dannon YoCrunch Yogurt where actor Neil Patrick
Harris bursts out of a magazine to magically transform a staid office from
“boring to fun.” Fenske gives the ridiculous scenario an air of pseudo reality
through the detailed attention given to the maze of office cubicles and the
deadpan performances of Harris’ supporting cast.

ChinChilli Day offers
a perfect illustration of Fenske’s ability to blend pointed comedy with epic
filmmaking. In it, a young exec asks for time off from work to celebrate a
fictitious holiday. A flashback to the genesis of the “holiday” includes a
shootout that is straight out of a classic Spaghetti Western except that the
combatants are the residents of a south-of-the-border pueblo and their gun-toting
pet rodents. “It’s an example of taking something that is absurd and shooting
it in a dramatic style that people recognize, creating comedy in hilariously
unexpected ways,” Fenske says.
About Bully Pictures:                                                                                      
Bully Pictures is a full-service production company located
in Venice, California.  The company’s
roster includes Javier Aguilera, Dustin Lance Black, Fredrik Callinggard, Cric, Roderick Fenske, Anne
Fletcher, Gaute Hesthagen, Kim Jacobsen, Jeff Aron Lable, Justin Simien, Taylor
Steele, Morten Tyldum and Tripp & Tyler.
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