Production music
specialist has provided scores of quirky tracks featured in the award-winning
comedy series, including its theme song “Frolic.”

SANTA MONICA, Calif.—When the award-winning comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm returns to HBO this fall it will be
accompanied by one of the most recognizable theme songs in television. Written
by Italian composer Luciano Michelini and licensed to the show by Killer
Tracks, Frolic has a jaunty rhythm
and an irresistibly lighthearted charm that is perfectly in sync with the
show’s offbeat, whimsical humor.
James Frangipane, music licensing 
executive, Killer Tracks
the score to “Frolic” with Larry David.
According to editor and music supervisor Steve Rasch, Curb Your Enthusiasm creator and star Larry David happened to hear the track
in a bank commercial a few years before the show debuted. “Larry liked it and
had his producer, Laura Streicher, track it down,” recalls Rasch. “It became
the sound of the show.  It’s like
something you’d hear from the pit orchestra at a circus with tubas, mandolins
and clarinets.”
Michelini originally wrote Frolic for the Italian movie La Bellissima Estate. The soundtrack for the movie was owned
by  RCA Italy, which, in turn, sold the
rights to Killer Tracks. After settling on Frolic as the show’s theme
song, Rasch went back to Killer Tracks in search of similar music and was
presented with a 70 CD collection of Italian cinema music from the former RCA

Since then, that CD
collection has provided the bulk of the incidental music for the show. Rasch
estimates that 70-percent of the show’s music cues across its full 9-year run
derive from that original block of music provided by Killer Tracks. “It’s work
by Italian composers from the ‘60s and ‘70s and it all has that circus sound.
It’s upbeat and goofy,” he explains. “It’s all analog, and some of it is mono,
but it’s well-recorded and has the right sound.”
Steve Rasch
Music is a
critically important component of the show. Rasch explains that Curb Your
is unscripted. Larry David prepares detailed outlines for each
episode, but the cast improvises the dialogue. Rasch and his fellow editors
then go through a meticulous process of culling the best moments and paring it
down to 30-minute episodes. Music helps smooth transitions and punctuate jokes.
“The show represents
some pretty intense scenarios,” says Rasch. “There’s a lot of arguing and a lot
of stress. The music functions like a laugh track. It’s a cue for the audience
to view what’s happening through a comedian’s eyes. It’s a funny look at heavy
topics. The music lightens the mood.”
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