HOLLYWOOD— Post-production finishing for
season six of TNT’s police drama Major
is currently underway at MTI Film, continuing a relationship that
began with the show’s debut in 2012. The facility faces tight deadlines and
significant technical and creative hurdles in delivering each of 13 episodes
included in the current season. Created by James Duff, and executive produced
by Duff and Michael M. Robin, Major
follows a special LAPD squad involved in high profile and sensitive
Tanner Buschman is in his third season as final colorist on Major Crimes. He works with series associate
producer Lauren Carraway, and DPs Kenneth Zunder and David A. Harp in
finalizing the look of the show, which is principally captured via three Arri
Alexa cameras. Overall, says Buschman, the series has a crisp, realistic look
and rich color palette, with special attention given to sharpening light and
contrast, adjusting skin tones and sculpting scenes to drawer viewer attention
to points of focus.

Buschman enjoys the most creative latitude in coloring crime
scenes and other exotic locations. He recalls a scene from the current season
involving the discovery of a child’s body on the lawn outside a Catholic
Church. “It was obviously a very tense emotional scene, but it was shot on
sunny day,” he observes. “We drew down the color to make it appear as though
the scene is unfolding under overcast skies. It feels as if it might rain at
any minute.”

Opportunities to use subtle color adjustments to help tell
the story occur throughout the series, Buschman adds. “If we’re at a crime
scene at night, we might add some cyan or blue to create a cold feeling,” he
says. “If it’s a flashback, we’ll give it a stylized look so the audience knows
immediately that we’ve moved into the past. But our primary goal is to create a
clean, consistent look, and ensure the talent looks great.”
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MTI Film is a
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In Hollywood, MTI Film operates a full-service
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For more information visit www.mtifilm.com.
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