NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.— Dan Waymack is a filmmaker and president of Waymack & Crew, a production company with offices in Little Rock, Arkansas and Chicago, and a staff of 15. The company has an enviable list of credits that includes the familiar Allstate ads with actor Dennis Haysbert, as well as work for the U.S. Army, Marlborough, Kellogg’s and many other national and regional advertisers.

A devoted student of his craft, Waymack has an insatiable interest in camera gear and developing inventive ways to put it to use. One of his favorite recent finds is the Hawk-Woods Sticky-Battery, which he purchased through Manios Digital & Film. The extreme lightweight power source attaches virtually anywhere via M3 Dual lock strips and can be used to power cameras, monitors, rigs and many other devices.

Dan Waymack recently spoke with Manios Digital & Film’s Steve Manios Jr.

Steve Manios Jr.: Tell us a little about Waymark & Crew.

Dan Waymack: I’ve been shooting professionally since 1986 when I was 19. I launched Waymack & Crew in 1992 and in the early years we worked mostly for local and regional accounts. In 1992, we began doing work for Chicago ad agency Leo Burnett and opened a satellite office there. Since then, we’ve done work for everything from Allstate to Whirlpool.

SM:  What’s the key to your success?

DW:  We never say no.

SM: What was your most recent project?

DW: We just finished a spot for the Chicago Bears. We built a helmet rig using a Sony a7 camera and the Hawk-Woods Sticky Battery. The Bears liked it so much, they are continuing to use it during training camp. We plan to go back in September and use it to shoot game footage.

SM: What cameras do you generally shoot with?

DW: We use the ARRI Amira and ARRI Alexa Mini.

SM: Do you use the Sticky Battery with those cameras?

DW: We do with the Mini. We originally bought the batteries to use with a MōVI Pro rig to power both the camera and the controller. We have been using that set up a lot in work we do for the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism. We also have begun to use them on a rig we built for the Mini. Most rigs turn the Mini into a “big” camera. I hate that. We use a Sticky Plate on the side in place of the standard ARRI plate and use the batteries to power the camera and auto-focus. It’s light and compact. That allows us to work handheld.

SM: How have the batteries performed?

DW: They’ve been great! With the helmet rig it helped us capture big images and sit close to the face without making the rig too heavy. It’s been worn by an 8-year-old and a man who’s 75. I’d say that the only problem we have with the battery is that we don’t have enough of them. We love them!

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