LOS ANGELES– Yard Dog has added a touch more humor to its roster, signing comedy director Tom Feiler for exclusive representation in the United States. Feiler specializes in performance-based comedy often involving odd characters and skewed scenarios. His many credits include campaigns for Walmart, McDonald’s, Iams and Tim Horton’s.

“Tom is just flat out funny,” says executive producer Joe Piccirillo. “His emails are funny, his texts are funny, he brings his fantastic sense of humor to work and life.”

Tom Feiler

Feiler says that his alliance with Yard Dog came about through informal talks with Piccirillo, and that he found they shared similar values and work ethics. “I liked Joe and I liked what he was saying about the business,” he says. “Throughout my career, it’s been about that…connecting with people I like. We talked, he laughed at my jokes, we had a good conversation. The rest is history.”

In describing his approach toward comedy, Feiler points to a spot for the Illinois State Lottery about a pudgy track and field athlete preparing for a high jump. After the event is given a big build up by a play-by-play announcer, the man leaps over a bar set eight inches off the ground. “I love it when viewers think they know what’s happening, but then there’s a twist,” he explains. “For me, that’s very, very funny, especially when the actors are fully committed to the moment.”

Feiler adds that he’s a perfectionist and takes a fastidious interest in every aspect of his work. “I like to bury things in the art direction so even after multiple viewings, you’re still discovering something new,” he says. “I want to add things that trigger something in your mind and make you want to see the commercial again.”

Feiler studied fine arts at Ryerson College in Toronto and began his career as a commercial photographer. He made the transition to live action via Radke Films, Toronto, and immediately latched onto comedy work. He has gone onto to direct spots for agencies across Canada, the U.S. and Asia. He is the recipient of numerous Canadian advertising awards and has been short-listed twice at Cannes.

“Anything that mirrors life can be funny,” Feiler observes. “But, there needs to be an ounce of truth in the situation…something that’s real about it.”

Yard Dog is located at 2023 S Westgate Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025 Call 310.209.8992.


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