NEW YORK CITY— Alkemy X has signed Emmy Award-winning Director/Creative Director Anthony Furlong as his exclusive representative for advertising, branded content and related projects. Furlong is a multi-talented creative and storyteller who uses lavish imagery and clever post techniques to create unique and unconventional cinematic pieces. With roots in theater and computer programming, he brings expertise in live action direction, design and animation, which he has applied to work for such brands as Apple, Ikea, Samsung, Panasonic, Nokia, Ford and IBM.

Alkemy X Executive Producer Eve Ehrich, who has collaborated frequently with Furlong in the past, describes him as a visionary talent. “Anthony invests himself fully in his projects and uses his passion and incredibly diverse skills to deliver truly inspired work,” she says. “I am excited to bring him to Alkemy X and look forward to many fantastic projects ahead.”

Anthony Furlong

Furlong is the founder and executive creative director of BasicNature.TV, a creative content, design and art studio. Through it, he recently produced a broadcast promotional campaign for NBC, serving as creative director, writer, director, editor and visual effects artist. He also produced content for analytics specialist Elesvier, the state of New Jersey and the charity My Social Canvas.

Furlong’s previous background includes posts as a director and creative director with Little Minx TV, 1stAveMachine and Shilo TV, and freelance work through Psyop, Method Studios and other shops. Earlier in his career, he served as a creative director and designer at Brand New School and Motion Theory.

“First and foremost, I’m a problem solver,” says Furlong of his approach. “I love using different mediums, styles and techniques to tell the best and most engaging story. I love doing VFX in-camera as much as possible to create real-world magic that inspires awe and wonder. As a former actor, I love bringing out the best in talent and encourage the entire team throughout the process.”

In describing his move to Alkemy X, Furlong cited its deep resources and talented staff. “My strengths as a creator lie in the perfect balance of powerful live action performance with elegantly designed special effects; I love creating the impossible both in and out of the camera,” he says. “For a long time, I’ve had my eye out for a studio with the capabilities necessary to help me with that vision. Not only does Alkemy X provide incredible visuals for major episodic content, but they fully support their roster of directors and have a great footing in the production arena. They have all the tools I need at my disposal.”

In terms of his goals at Alkemy X, Furlong says that he aims simply to “never stop creating, never stop experimenting, and always help others.”

“I’m not a director,” he adds. “I’m a creator. I’m a partner. I’m passionate about every aspect of creative problem-solving that goes into making content, so I dive deep into all of it. You’ll find me experimenting with 3D dynamics and particle systems, then drawing traditional cel animation, writing comedy scripts, shooting documentaries as a one-man crew, photographing overseas for non-profits. By not containing myself in a box I’m more open to discover new ideas for both current and future clients. Come to me with an impossible idea and I’ll find a way to make it a reality.”

About Alkemy X:
Alkemy X produces commercials, branded content, network creative, integrated marketing, social/digital initiatives, long-form unscripted television and visual effects for feature films, episodic TV and commercials. Its Originals unit recently produced the unscripted special Drag Me Down the Aisle for TLC. Advertising and branded content clients include BMW, Pepsi, Panera, Lexus, Google and Samsung. Promo, integrated, and social clients include Nickelodeon, Syfy, AMC, TruTV and Food Network. The VFX team works on series including AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, NBC’s Blindspot, HBO’s The Leftovers, Netflix’s Maniac and Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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