Robert Mulligan comes on board as East Coast executive producer as the production company  builds on its base in advertising and continues to develop original content.

SAN FRANCISCO—One Twenty Nine Films is expanding to the East Coast and widening its scope beyond its niche in advertising production into original content. The company has hired veteran producer Robert Mulligan to serve as its executive producer in New York City. Previously Director of Content at Momentum Worldwide, Mulligan will oversee production activity in New York and work to develop new business in commercials, branded content and digital media. He will also team with One Twenty Nine Films founder Nick Seuser to further the company’s plans to develop television, feature and documentary content.

After a long history of success on the West Coast, One Twenty Nine Films is aiming to establish a national presence while also tapping into a diversifying advertising market and booming demand for original content. “We have great relationships with agencies in San Francisco and the West, as well as tech companies and other brands based here, but we want to broaden our reach,” Seuser says. “We have a wonderful roster of directors and we want to create new opportunities for them by forging relationships with agencies in New York and elsewhere, and by moving into original content.”

Nick Seuser

One Twenty Nine Film’s roster includes directors Adrian Rojas Elliot, Daniel Mabe, David Rosenbaum, Ian Schiller, Mary Dauterman, Max Gutierrez, Nicholas Weigel, Patrick Biesemans, Rosie Haber and Tony Benna. Their recent work includes projects for Netflix, Specialized, Head, Google, Nike, and Alfa Romeo.

With more than 20 years of experience as an agency and production company producer, Mulligan is an ideal choice to lead One Twenty Nine Films’ East Coast operations. “He’s a strong EP with a great rep and established industry relationships in New York City,” Seuser observes. “He has the wherewithal and the expertise we need. He’s comfortable in both the agency and production worlds. He has hands-on experience in every type of production, and we are fortunate to have him on our team.”

At Momentum Worldwide, Mulligan produced commercials, branded content, and virtual reality for clients, including American Express, SAP, Verizon, Facebook and Amazon, winning multiple awards, including Gold Clios for his work for American Express. Prior to joining Momentum, Mulligan’s career spans two decades, collaborating with some of the greatest filmmakers of his generation. After receiving his Master of Fine Arts, from the Royal

Robert Mulligan

Academy of Dramatic Arts, in London, Mulligan independently financed “BOXED’” a feature film he wrote, produced, and directed. “BOXED” received multiple awards from domestic and international film festivals, thus opening the door to NYC’s vibrant filmmaking community and tapping Mulligan to write and produce Jane’s Addiction’s documentary, “Enit Festival.” He went on to spend the next six years producing award-winning music videos and commercials before joining F.A.Q. Productions / Partizan Films, New York as Executive Producer.

Mulligan has helped One Twenty Nine Films, New York, get off to a fast start. The company is in pre-production for an advertising campaign for a major bank, and kicking off branded work for two prominent San Francisco-based tech companies. It is also in talks with a major streaming distributor to create original content. “One Twenty Nine Films is going to have a big footprint in New York,” says Mulligan. “We have a lot of projects in the fire. It’s fantastic. I’m excited about this new chapter.”

About One Twenty Nine Films

One Twenty Nine Films is a production company with a curated roster of exceptional writing and directing talent based on both coasts, developing and directing original series and films, commercials, documentaries, experiential, music videos, animation, and branded online content.

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