Automated digital restoration becomes faster and more powerful; new workflow tools facilitate Dolby Vision™ mastering and implementing Dolby Atmos soundtracks.

HOLLYWOOD—MTI Film will demonstrate the latest features of DRS™Nova, its industry-leading digital restoration software, and CORTEX, its workflow mastering solution, at IBC (Hall 6 StandC27 in tandem with Big Pic Media).

New for IBC, DRS™Nova v4.1 includes several added features that increase its ability to automate common restoration operations. They include an improved de-flicker tool that offers 3 methods of processing with a superior ability to eliminate zonal flicker, an improved automated stabilization tool, and an improved printer mis-light correction feature, known as “Color Bump”, located in its manual DRS™ tool. MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff will personally conduct demonstrations of the software on Saturday, September 14, which will include a sneak preview of the progress being made on the automated dirt and scratch removal tool called “Shine”.

“We continue to refine and extend the power of DRS™Nova to help artists complete restoration tasks faster and with more success,” said MTI Film Director of Product Development Randy Reck. “Over the past year, we’ve made great strides in further automating digital restoration and, as a result, reducing costs.”

Other recent improvements include Alpha Filter support for a variety of scanners including Arri, Lasergraphics, and Scannity, and GPU acceleration for stabilization, de-warp and de-flicker operations. DRS™Nova v4.1 allows the import and export of EDLs and includes support for TIFF and EXR image formats.

MTI will be demonstrating CORTEX v5.2 throughout the show. Highlighted features include support for Dolby Vision™ Content Mapping v4 and Dolby Atmos soundtracks in IMF deliverables. Both features are aimed at helping post-production facilities streamline the process of meeting today’s complex delivery requirements.

CORTEX v5.2 also adds support for SMPTE DCPs, ACES 1.1, Blackmagic RAW and ProRes RAW. Other new features include new Sony and RED SDKs and support for SXR file format and IMSC 1.1 and image-based subtitles. Improved features include dead pixel detection and a streamlined operation, DCP signature compliance, waveform reticles and HDR support for HEVC.

CORTEX v5.2 upgrades are available through the MTI Film website to current CORTEX Enterprise, Dailies and DIT+ license holders with current support contracts. Users needing to renew support should contact, MTI Film sales at

About MTI Film LLC

MTI Film is a leading provider of software and services to the entertainment industry. Its software division delivers ground-breaking tools for critical post production processes. They include the CORTEX family of products, which offer comprehensive solutions for dailies processing, media management, deliverables and more, and DRS™ NOVA, the industry standard for digital film restoration.

In Hollywood, MTI Film operates a full-service post-production facility, providing dailies, editorial, visual effects, color correction and assembly for film, television and commercials.

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