Studio Four successfully passes rigorous certification process as company plans to add Atmos capability to other mix rooms.

SAN FRANCISCO— One Union Recording Studios, the Bay Area’s premiere provider of post-production sound services, has received certification from Dolby Laboratories to provide sound mixing services in Dolby Atmos for Home Entertainment. The certification applies to One Union’s Studio Four and includes a Dolby Laboratories wall plaque signifying that the space conforms to technical specifications consistent with the immersive sound format.

“Studio Four was designed and built to meet Dolby standards to the letter,” said One Union president and owner John McGleenan. “Filmmakers and producers now have the option of mixing their projects in the format that is the new industry standard for immersive sound. Certification adds another level of comfort for our clients. They can mix here in Dolby Atmos knowing that the work is done correctly.”

(l to r) Andy Greenberg, senior engineer and systems designer, One Union; Dan Sperry, director of content services, Dolby Laboratories; John McGleenan, president and owner, One Union. Photo by Elisa Gonzales.

To achieve certification, the Studio Four space was subject to rigorous inspection by Dolby Laboratories engineers who verified room geometry, acoustics, speaker positioning and electroacoustic performance. Its mix equipment includes an Avid/Euphonix System 5 digital audio console, Pro Tools 2019.6 and Avid MTRX (using 128 channels of MADI as well as Dante and analog cards). Technical features added to specifically support Dolby Atmos include Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite software and a Dell RMU computer. In addition to Atmos, the studio can mix in 9.1, 7.1, 5.1 and stereo.

The studio’s speaker system includes Genelec Smart Active Monitors and a subwoofer placed in a 9.1.4 arrangement and calibrated with Genelec Loudspeaker Management software. This system provides a clear, precise and neutral response aligned in time, level and frequency, and can be adjusted instantly for various surround sound formats. “The room has perfect tuning,” notes McGleenan. “It’s recallable and modifiable, with presets for Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1.”

The studio’s projection system is similarly top notch. It includes a Sony Ultra 4K laser projector, a 110-inch projection screen and an Apple 4K monitor.

One Union constructed Studio Four as part of its major studio rebuild  project. The room has been up and running for more than 12 months and has already completed several high-end projects in Dolby Atmos.

One Union Studio 5 is currently in the process of being Dolby Atmos certified.

About One Union Recording Studios

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s advertising district, One Union Recording Studios began in 1995 with a single studio. Today, the company boasts five state-of-the-art studios, serving as top-notch resources to the world’s premier advertising agencies, brands, television and film studios, game developers and production companies. One Union prides itself on bringing projects to life. We offer superior technical knowledge, craftsmanship and expertise, and a dedication to building relationships.

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