New tool allows editors to access full Universal Production Music repertoire from within the popular editing programs

SANTA MONICA –  Universal Production Music and Adobe Inc. have collaborated to build a specialized music application panel designed specifically for Adobe® Premiere® Pro and Adobe Audition®. The new tool will enable users of the Adobe programs to access Universal Production Music’s entire catalog. The panel is a new integrated extension that offers an easy way to search, play, download music and view playlists without leaving Premiere Pro or Audition.

The new panel works with the current versions of Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition, both part of Adobe Creative Cloud®. The tool launches as a window inside the editing software, turning a portion of the editing workspace into a search tool with access to the entire Universal Production Music catalog. In it, users can browse playlists in their accounts, and search, play and download new music files. It also integrates with Cue Sheet Helper, the library’s  tool for automatically managing cue sheet reports.

“Our panel is the most robust music integration for Premiere Pro, and the first ever for Audition,” said Patrick Appelgren, VP Continental Europe, Universal Production Music. . “With deadlines in television, advertising, podcasts and other media growing ever tighter, editors need tools that can help them work faster, smarter and more intuitively. Now, they no longer need to leave their projects to grab and spot music to picture.”

“Creative professionals who use Adobe products expect a rich experience and to work as efficiently and intuitively as possible,” said Sue Skidmore, head of Adobe partner relations for video at Adobe. “Universal Production Music’s new panel is a wonderful addition to that toolkit, placing a virtually limitless selection of outstanding music at users’ fingertips.”

The panel is available for free download from the Adobe Marketplace and the Universal Production Music website.

Adobe Premiere Pro, an industry leader in video editing, and Audition, for audio editing, are widely used by editors and other post-production professionals due to their robust video editing toolkits, which are constantly being refined and extended. The Universal Production Music extension panel will improve the value of the software further by providing users with fast and easy access to a catalog of music of unparalleled quality and diversity.

“This innovative tool saves time, enables users to work more creatively with music, and is a great feature for client sessions as editors can build pre-selected playlists to try out with the video content,” said Appelgren. “The panel also allows for greater creative experimentation. Editors no longer need to rely on the same old tracks from the bin because they are already loaded. Now, fresh tracks are at their fingertips.”

Universal Production Music developed the integration through a long-term collaboration with Adobe. The Premiere Pro version has been used on a limited basis over the past year by clients and further refined and extended through customer feedback.

Features include:

  • Stems: Available for download for tracks with stems.
  • Volume Slider: For previewing tracks.
  • My Projects: Seamlessly preview and download tracks from project files located on the website.
  • Playlists: Browse and download tracks from our 150+ themed playlists.
  • Remember Me: Store the session token to permit auto-login.
  • Multiple Accounts: Switch accounts without logging out.
  • Cue Sheet Helper: Generate and export cue sheets from within the panel via a single click.

About Universal Production Music

Universal Production Music, a division of Universal Music Publishing Group and Universal Music Group, is one of the world’s leading production music companies. Home to an award-winning catalog spanning all genres, moods, emotions and project types, Universal Production Music creates, produces and licenses music for use in film, television, advertising, broadcast and other media.

Universal Production Music has a suite of international production music labels including Abbey Road Masters, Atmosphere Music, Audio Wax, Chronic Trax, ICON Trailer Music, In Reality, Killer Tracks, Network Music, New York Beats, Sonic Beat Records, Vitamin A and many more.  For more information visit:

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