Westchester, New York— Continuing its long association with the world’s best independent films, Alchemy Post Sound provided Foley sound services for nine films screening at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. They include three films participating in the festival’s prestigious U.S. Dramatic Competition and two included in its Premieres track. Alchemy Post Sounds’ team for the projects included Foley artist Leslie Bloome, Foley Mixer Ryan Collison, Foley artist Joanna Fang, Foley mixer Connor Nagy and Foley editors Nick Seaman and Laura Heinzinger.

“We are always excited to work with promising young filmmakers and congratulate all those whose films are screening at Sundance this year,” says Alchemy Post Sound CEO Andrea Bloome. “Our Sundance projects this year include several remarkable films and involved inspired collaborations with gifted directors, supervising sound editors and re-recording mixers.”

Alchemy Post Sound “Sundance” films include:

Farewell Amor (U.S. Dramatic Competition) is director Ekwa Msangi’s vibrant drama of an Angolan man who brings his family to the United States, after living apart for 17 years. Arjun G. Sheth, supervising sound editor.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always (U.S. Dramatic Competition) is writer-director Eliza Hittman’s spartan tale of a quiet, Pennsylvania teenager who, faced with an unintended pregnancy and no viable alternatives for termination in her home state, boards a bus and heads for a clinic in New York City. Chris Foster, supervising sound editor.

Shirley is director Josephine Decker’s drama of a young couple who move in with the famed author, Shirley Jackson and her professor husband to find themselves fodder for the psycho-drama of Jackson’s next novel. Leslie Shatz, supervising sound editor/re-recording mixer.

Zola (U.S. Dramatic Competition) is director Janicza Bravo’s eccentric saga of two women who embark on a cross-country road trip, aiming to make money dancing in Florida strip clubs. Jon Flores, supervising sound editor -Leslie Shatz, re-recording mixer.

Lost Girls (Premieres) is director Liz Garbus’ dramatization of Robert Kolker’s true-crime novel about mother’s relentless fight for justice after her daughter goes missing in an affluent Long Island neighborhood. Leslie Shatz, supervising sound editor/re-recording mixer.

Promising Young Woman (Premieres), director Emerald Fennel’s debut feature, paints a perversely heroic portrait of a young woman, who, traumatized by her past, carries out a personal vendetta against male cruelty. Frederic Dubois, re-recording mixer/supervising sound editor.

The Assistant (Spotlight), director Kitty Green’s follow-up to her acclaimed Casting JonBenet, follows a young assistant to a prominent entertainment executive, through the course of a single day as she suffers a series of humiliations and degradations. Leslie Shatz, supervising sound editor/re-recording mixer.

The Climb (Spotlight), winner of a Coup de Coeur prize at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, is director Michael Angelo Covino’s black comedy about two friends on a bicycling trip on the twisting roads of southern France. Ryan Billia, re-recording mixer/supervising sound editor.

The Night House (Midnight) is director David Bruckner’s psychological horror film about a woman who is visited by disturbing dreams and visions following the unexpected death of her husband. Ric Schnupp, re-recording mixer/sound designer/supervising sound editor.

About Alchemy Post Sound

Alchemy Post Sound is a 3,500 square foot, dedicated Foley studio designed specifically for Foley by resident Foley Artist Leslie Bloome. The company’s Emmy Award-winning staff has created sound for numerous major feature films, long-running television series, independent films and popular games. Alchemy’s services also include field recording, live performance and sound design.


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