Upcoming Thursday afternoon sessions to center on VFX for the post-COVID world, women in post, music editing and other timely subjects.

NEW YORK CITY—Post New York Alliance (PNYA) is expanding its popular weekly video conference series Post Break, which has been providing New York’s post-production industry with critical information and a sense of community during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Launched in April, the series hosts industry experts, union and trade organization leaders, government officials and others for in-depth discussions on topics including remote collaboration, tax policies, new technologies, landmark projects and more. Free and open to all, the series is helping pros and newcomers stay in touch and keep up to date with industry developments at a time when physical meetings are difficult or impossible.

Titled VFX Solutions to COVID Problems (Part I), the next installment of PNYA Post Break is slated for July 9 at 4:00 p.m. EST. Moderated by Visual Effects Society, New York, secretary Leah Orsini, the session will feature veteran visual effects supervisors and producers discussing the expanding role of visual effects in a post-COVID world. The discussion will continue with a second panel, focusing on new tools and technologies, slated for July 16. Past sessions are archived on the PNYA website.

Post Break has attracted growing and enthusiastic participation from all corners of the post-production industry. “After the virus struck and the industry locked down, we launched Post Break to help our members stay connected and receive critical information,” says PNYA board secretary Chris Peterson. “Our early sessions focused on what companies needed to do to get through the crisis, but over time we have expanded the format to address other topics of interest to our members.”

Among the most popular sessions was one focused on New York State tax credits. A panel of accounting and tax experts responded directly to participants’ questions about credit applications, recent legislative changes and budgeting.

Post Break sessions are open to all PNYA members and non-members who register and conducted via Zoom. As such, participants are able not only to view the screens of panelists, but also of other participants. Additionally, they may submit questions and receive immediate feedback. “The sessions are very inclusive,” observes PNYA member rep Ryan Penny.  “Everyone has an equal voice and the ability to interact with others on the call. It works extremely well.”

(l to r) Chris Peterson, Ryan Penny, Rebekah Hernandez

In light of the positive response, PNYA is extending Post Break indefinitely. With many New York post-production companies having adopted successful strategies relative to the coronavirus crisis, future sessions will look more to other issues. A session slated for July 30 will feature a panel titled Music 101 on getting started as a music editor. “Our panelists will discuss the work of music editors and outline step-by-step strategies for getting started in the field,” says PNYA administrator Rebekah Hernandez. “They will discuss the skills and duties required of a music editor, providing a step-by-step outline from being hired through delivery. They will note how varying budgets and schedules create challenges for music editors, and discuss the differences between scripted TV, features and indies.”


Upcoming Sessions

When:                  Thursday, July 9, 4:00 p.m.

Title:                     VFX Solutions to Covid Problems – Part I

Panelists:            Jim Rider, Visual Effects Supervisor

Julie Long, Visual Effects Producer, Framestore New York

Greg Anderson, VFX Supervisor/Head of Studio, FuseFX New York

Lotta Forssman, VFX Supervisor The Molecule VFX / VESNY Board Member

Moderator:        Leah Orsini – Visual Effects Producer / VESNY

Register:             https://www.postnewyork.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1389121

When:                  Thursday, July 16, 4:00 p.m.

Title:                     VFX Solutions to Covid Problems – Part II

Panelists:            Leslie Chung, VFX Supervisor

David Eschrich, CG Supervisor/On-Set Supervisor, Zoic; Co-Chair, VESNY

Robert Keyghobad, Virtual Productions Producer; Consultant, Amazon Studios

Dan Pack, Managing Director, Silver Spoon.

Moderator:        Tehmina Beg, VFX Supervisor, The Molecule; Treasurer, VESNY

Register:             https://www.postnewyork.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1389122

When:                  Thursday, July 23, 4:00 p.m.

Title:                     Editorial Post, Phase III

Panelists:            Shannon Baker Davis, ACE, editor (Queen Sugar, Project Runway)

Allyson C. Johnson, editor (The Wire, The Get Down)

Moderator:        TBA

Register:             https://www.postnewyork.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1389124


When:                  Thursday, July 30, 4:00 p.m.

Title:                     Music 101

Panelists:            Shari Johanson, music editor

Jennifer Dunnington, music editor

Dan Evans Farkas, music editor

Todd Kasow, music editor

Moderator:        David Woods, producer, STARZ

Register:             https://www.postnewyork.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1389127


Sound recordings of past Post Break sessions are available here:



Past Post Break sessions in video blog format are available here:


About Post New York Alliance (PNYA)

Post New York Alliance (PNYA) is an association of film and television post production facilities, labor unions and individuals operating in New York. PNYA members coalesced around the belief that a unified industry presents the post production community better opportunities to develop and promote public policy that benefits the film and television industry as a whole. PNYA’s objectives include incentivizing projects to finish in New York, marketing the services provided by the New York post-production industry and creating avenues for talent to enter this fast-growing sector of the economy.

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