NEW YORK CITY— Continuing its long-time support for independent film, Goldcrest Post provided post-production sound and/or picture services for ten films screening in this year’s Sundance Film Festival. They include four films taking part in the U.S. Dramatic Competition, and one each including in the NEXT and Shorts tracks. All are world premieres. The festival will be held via new proprietary streaming platform from Jan. 28 to Feb. 3.

Films supported by Goldcrest Post include:

I Was a Simple Man (U.S. Dramatic Competition, World Premiere). Director and Screenwriter Christopher Makoto Yogi’s story of a Hawaiian family facing the death of their eldest, while haunted by ghosts of their past. Goldcrest Post provided color grading and finishing services; Nat Jencks, Colorist; Wade Rudolph, Producer.

Mayday (U.S. Dramatic Competition, World Premiere). Director and Screenwriter Karen Cinorre exhilarating tale of a women who is transported to a dreamlike and dangerous land where she joins a team of female soldiers engaged in a never-ending war. Goldcrest Post provided color grading and finishing services; Marcy Robinson, Colorist; Wade Rudolph, Producer.

On the Count of Three (U.S. Dramatic Competition, World Premiere). Director Jerrod Carmichael’s story of two best friends with a pact to end their lives when the day is done. Goldcrest Post provided ADR, editorial conforming and deliverables; Kris Chevannes, ADR Mixer; Ethan Leight, Producer.


Cryptozoo (NEXT, World Premiere). Director and Screenwriter Dash Shaw’s fanciful story of “crypto-zookeepers” struggling to capture a legendary dream-eating hybrid creature called a Baku. Goldcrest Post provided sound editorial, ADR and mixing services; Ryan M. Price, Re-Recording Mixer/Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor; Kris Chevannes, ADR Mixer Nicole Tessier, Producer.

My Name Is Pauli Murray (Premieres, World Premiere) Directors Betsy West and Julie Cohen’s documentary feature about Pauli Murray, a legal trailblazer whose ideas influenced RBG’s fight for gender equality and Thurgood Marshall’s landmark civil rights arguments. Goldcrest Post provided color grading, picture finishing, sound editorial and sound mixing services; Ken Sirulnick, Colorist; Mary Ellen Porto, Supervising Sound Editor; Ryan M. Price, Re-Recording Mixer; Ethan Leight, Producer.

White Wedding (Shorts, World Premiere). Director Melody C. Roscher’s story of a tense Southern wedding where a biracial bride confronts her estranged black father after accidentally hiring his band to perform. Goldcrest Post provided color grading and finishing services; Marcy Robinson, Colorist; Ethan Leight, Producer.

About Goldcrest Post

Goldcrest Post is a leading, independent post-production facility, providing one-stop creative solutions for features films, episodic television, documentaries and other projects. Conveniently located in New York City’s West Village, the company provides editorial offices, on-set dailies, picture finishing, sound editorial, ADR and mixing, and related services. Recent credits include The Queen’s Gambit, P-Valley, 40-Year-Old Version, Godfather of Harlem, Baby God, The Expecting, What Breaks the Ice and She Dies Tomorrow.

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