Sonic branding agency delivers music packages for revamped evening lineup, including new shows “The Donlon Report” and “Banfield.”

DALLAS— Stephen Arnold Music is supporting the rebrand of Nexstar Media Group’s cable network WGN America as NewsNation with sonic branding and custom music inspired by the network’s commitment to delivering “fact-based news” to viewers hungry for unbiased media.

Working in tandem with Jonathan Killian, the network’s Vice President, Creative Marketing and Brand Communications, the studio created custom music packages for NewsNation’s expanded lineup, which includes NewsNation Early Edition with Nichole Berlie, NewsNation Prime with Marni Hughes, Rob Nelson and Albert Ramon, The Donlon Report, and the one-hour interview show Banfield.

The music for NewsNation Early Edition with Nichole Berlie, airing daily at 6-7pm ET, and NewsNation Prime with Marni Hughes, Rob Nelson and Albert Ramon, airing 8-10 p.m. ET, builds on the distinctive theme music Stephen Arnold Music created for the network’s original primetime news broadcast, which launched last fall. The stirring themes evoke the network’s midwestern roots and centrist values.

For The Donlon Report and Banfield, the studio created original themes that support the unique content, format, and distinctive host personality of each show. “The theme for The Donlon Report has depth and weight to fit the common sense views and insight of veteran anchor Joe Donlon,” says Stephen Arnold Music VP/Creative Director Chad Cook. “It’s a rich, engaging sound that works with a wide range of subjects from politics to pop culture, while complementing the network’s overall brand.”

The theme for Banfield, meanwhile, taps into that show’s lively talk format and eclectic mix of guests, as well as the vibrant personality of its host, acclaimed journalist Ashleigh Banfield. “It’s contemporary, energetic and has a late-night feel,” notes Cook. “It draws you in right away with a strong melodic signature and spirited groove.”

Cook adds that Killian had a clear vision for how to present each show, and how to use music to enhance their brands. “Jonathan wanted the music to be versatile, to have broad, mainstream appeal, and accurately mirror show content,” Cook says. “We explored various styles, pacing and instrumentation before arriving at musical signatures that work seamlessly with the visuals and communicate the essence of each show.”


About Stephen Arnold Music:
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