ATLANTA— Level 77 Music has forged an agreement with UK-based Music For Sport to become its sub-publisher in the United States. The agreement links the fastest growing independent production music library in the United States and its national sales force with an expansive sports-themed music catalog that has been used during the Olympics, the World Cup and dozens of other world sports events.

“It’s a huge win for both sides,” says Level 77 Music Founder and CEO Patrick Avard. “The Music For Sport catalog adds significantly to our already strong collection of sports music.  They will benefit from having a young, hungry partner like Level 77 Music bringing our network and new licensing opportunities in broadcasting, film, television, digital and other media in markets across the country.”

Patrick Avard, Simon Webb

Music For Sport Founder Simon Webb says that Level 77 Music is exactly what he was looking for in a sub-publisher, a growing, boutique company that will be a true partner and deliver individual attention. “Patrick is a fellow musician and sports fan,” he explains. “We have worked with large sub-publishers in the past and have found it frustrating. Patrick understands our niche and is enthusiastic about our unique place in the market. We were made for each other.”

The Music For Sport library features thousands of exclusive sports-oriented tracks across diverse styles and genres. It boasts a roster of dozens of highly accomplished composers and works with the UK’s top producers, engineers and musicians to regularly produce new work precision tailored to the needs of producers, editors and other music users.

Headed by Webb, a pioneering music publisher, composer, arranger and musical director, Music For Sport has provided production music to BBC Sport, ITV, Sky Sports, Netflix, ESPN, Eurosport, ABC, NBC, CNN, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel and Nat Geo, among others. Its work has also been featured on The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, Match of the Day and Newsnight.

The library’s recent releases include The Beautiful Game, a soccer-inspired album of sweeping orchestral music composed by Tony Britten, Simon Webb, Dai Watts, Craig Gannon and Paul Taylor, and recorded with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, the Ars Brunensis Chorus and The Filmharmonic Orchestra and Choir of Prague.  Other releases include Dance Trax 8, an album encompassing dubstep, hip-hop, house and other forms of dance music, and Sports Guitars 10 with tracks ranging from pop to heavy metal, each in multiple versions.

About Level 77 Music

Founded by pioneering music producer Patrick Avard, Level 77 Music brings a cutting edge approach to production music, sync licensing, original scoring and more. Its many accolades include a 2022 Mark Award for Pop Track of the Year from the Production Music Association. Avard’s music has been featured on Netflix’s Cheer, America’s Got Talent and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The company’s music has also been featured in television projects for Fox Sports, Hulu, ESPN, ABC and others.

You can learn more about Level 77 Music and search its collection at

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