HOLLYWOOD—Colorist Society Hollywood has launched a new podcast series focused on color grading and the role of the colorist. Hosted by veteran colorist Josh Petok, CSI the series will present insightful conversations with prominent colorists from around the globe and other notable professionals. The series will examine both the creative and technical aspects of color, and professional issues such as career advancement, educational opportunities and new technologies.

The Colorist Society Hollywood podcast is part of the group’s mission to promote the craft of color and foster a sense of community among colorists. “It’s a way to learn what other professionals have to say about our craft and draw inspiration from their experience,” says Petok, whose many credits include the television series MasterChef USA, Lego Masters and The Courtship. “Our aim is to share insights and build a stronger sense of community among colorists.”

In the series’ first episode, Petok talks with Lynette Duensing, CSI, a Colorist Society Fellow and Senior Colorist at Instinctual LLC Hollywood. She discusses the founding of Colorist Society Hollywood and its role as an advocate for the craft. She also discusses gaining proper screen credit for colorists, how covid impacted work environments and technological issues such as the adoption of the ACES color workspace.

Future episodes will feature prominent colorists talking about color in animation, film restoration and other specialties.

“The podcast has an aspirational theme,” Petok says. “We feature elite colorists talking about their work and careers. It’s aimed at colorists at all levels who want to learn more about their profession and how other people go about their work.”

Listen to the Colorist Society Hollywood podcast on the Colorist Society Hollywood chapter page: https://coloristsociety.com/CSI-Chapter-Hollywood

About the Colorist Society

Colorist Society (CSI) is the first professional society devoted exclusively to furthering and honoring the professional achievements of colorists. It is an educational and cultural resource to the colorist community, the entertainment industry and the public. Membership is open to professional colorists, DITs, telecine operators, color timers, finishers, restoration artists and color scientists. CSI hosts regular meetings as chapters worldwide. It also is a regular participant in industry trade shows and other events. The organization is currently planning an awards competition to honor outstanding achievement to the art and science of color grading.


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