SANTA MONICA –  Universal Production Music, the production music division of Universal Music Publishing Group, today announced the launch of Gamescape Audio (, a complete audio direction service for game developers of every caliber. Created in partnership with Emperia Sound and Music, Gamescape Audio is the first-ever interactive music licensing solution and music catalogue designed, developed and written exclusively for games.

Gamescape Audio’s new services include custom music, sound design, voiceover and dialogue production, audio direction, mixing and mastering, orchestral recording, soundtrack album production and related services. The catalog features masterfully crafted and expertly curated music in a diverse range of contemporary game-centric styles and genres composed by experienced game songwriters. Each track features stems and states optimized for seamless interactive integration and middleware audio engines including Audiokinetic’s Wwise and Firelight Technologies’ FMOD.

“We’re delighted to become the first-ever music library that speaks the creative and technical language of game developers,” said Universal Production Music President Jane Carter. “The explosive advancements of the gaming world have catapulted Universal Production Music forward as we meet more demand than ever for interactive music. We’re thrilled to have created an end-to-end solution that makes game score productions faster, less costly and features world-leading interactive music.”

Gamescape Audio’s unique model combines production music with custom services to deliver leading music options across all facets of gaming music and interactive services.

“Gamescape Audio solidifies our footprint in the video game world and furthers our existing, long-standing relationships with leading gaming companies including Sony, Tencent, CAPCOM, Devolver Digital, Netease, Ubisoft, Platinum Games and Square Enix,” comments Emperia Sound and Music Co-founder, CEO and Creative Director Cody Matthew Johnson.

“This is the single most holistic and precocial gaming music catalog in the world. Production music licensing for interactive media has never been approached with such ambition and global scale, and we are thrilled to be introducing Gamescape’s innovative model along with Universal Production Music,” said Johnson.

“The library meets the needs of developers of all kinds,” adds Emperia Sound and Music Co-founder and Composer Jeff Rona. “This is game-ready music, creatively, technically and perfectly formatted,” he notes. “It offers an economical solution while maintaining a custom sound and feel. Gamescape Audio can do everything from licensing a single track to handling every aspect of game sound, including technical support and implementation.”

About Universal Production Music
Universal Production Music, a division of Universal Music Publishing Group and Universal Music Group, is the world’s leading production music company. Home to an award-winning catalogue spanning all genres, moods, emotions and project types, Universal Production Music creates, produces and licenses music for use in film, television, advertising, broadcast and other media.

Universal Production Music has a suite of international production music labels including Chronic Trax, EVO, MasterSource, Scored By Harry Gregson-Williams, Network Music, OneMusic, Atmosphere Music, Bruton, Chappell, Galerie, Koka Media, Kosinus, Match Music, Berlin Production Music, Vitamin A and many more:

About Gamescape Audio

Gamescape Audio is a Universal Production Music and Emperia Sound and Music company, transforming the future of immersive media and gaming.

Gamescape Audio offers an end-to-end direction and licensing service exclusively for game developers and is home to a global network of songwriters for games, music supervisors and creative technologists with decades of experience across the games and interactive industries.

About Emperia Sound and Music
Emperia Sound and Music are gamers and collaborators at heart.
Delivering sound needs for projects to create a unique and adaptable sonic experience. Some of Emperia Sound and Music’s past clients include Sony, Tencent, CAPCOM, Devolver Digital, Netease, Ubisoft, Platinum Games, Square Enix, and more. Learn more at

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