London – pixitmedia, a Kalray company, specialists in software-defined storage and data management solutions for Media & Entertainment, is announcing at NAB 2023 the release of ngenea2, the new version of pixitmedia’s groundbreaking open data management and orchestration platform for data centric applications. ngenea2 addresses the growing challenges faced by content creators and custodians to access and control their own unstructured data tax free and to run complex distributed workflows efficiently and securely.

Available in conjunction with pixstor™, pixitmedia’s software-defined data platform, ngenea2 introduces advanced features accessible through redesigned GUI and API interfaces. While prior versions of ngenea® focused exclusively on data management, this new version consolidates data and infrastructure management into a single point of orchestrated control, enabling M&E content creators to launch new, globally accessible data-centric workflows in seconds across multiple on-premises, public, and private cloud endpoints simultaneously and securely through each phase of the M&E production lifecycle. This capability ensures that data gets as close as possible – and at just the right time – to the users and applications that need it the most without intervention from pipeline managers, systems administrators, nor users.

pixitmedia’s powerful solution with pixstor and ngenea2 provides open data management, giving companies choice and freedom by integrating with industry-leading hardware, tools, and applications, and by eliminating vendor lock-in and data tax. The introduction of ngenea2 also allows integration of third-party storage solutions into the ngenea® namespace, providing a unified view and instant global access to real-time data through simplified paths to cloud-scale workflows.

Finally, ngenea2 is designed to give content owners AI-assisted, unprecedented levels of insight into unstructured content assets and to facilitate data-centric management through in-storage processing from the Kalray DPU infrastructure inside pixstor NVMe tiers.


NAB, held from April 15-19, 2023 in Las Vegas, is one of the largest gatherings of M&E professionals in the world, featuring the latest technologies, services, and products in the areas of broadcasting, streaming, production, post-production, content creation, and distribution.

At the show pixitmedia will demonstrate multiple use cases to highlight how ngenea2 manages and orchestrates global M&E workflows in heterogeneous environments, on-premises and in clouds from AWS and Seagate, including products and services from various creative applications providers, such as Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, DaVinci, and Projective.


At its kiosk in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Create Innovation Zone (North Hall N2562), pixitmedia will display a mixed editorial environment in AWS, mirroring a solution that it has in production with a Media & Entertainment Distribution arm of a major motion picture studio.

pixitmedia will showcase how pixstor™ and ngenea® bring new levels of coherence and efficiency to media production, while improving security, controlling costs, and boosting collaboration. This solution includes an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) workstation in a pixstor™ cloud, with Projective’s Strawberry providing project management of a shared storage environment, enabling Adobe, Avid, and DaVinci Resolve participation in the workflow — all using the same core assets. 


Also, technology partner Seagate is hosting pixitmedia to display a joint hyperconverged solution with three high-end workstations running Autodesk Flame, Flame Assist, and DaVinci Resolve. The demonstrated solution provides high-performance finishing suites, leveraging high-speed, native access to media data on pixstor™, boosted by Kalray hardware DPU accelerator cards and with ngenea2 automating the movement of media between a customer NAS, Avid NEXIS, and Tier0  storage.

pixstor™ is a scalable solution that can meet Autodesk Flame’s bandwidth requirements for real-time, high-resolution playback,” said Steve McNeill, Director of Engineering at Autodesk. “pixstor™ and ngenea® are Autodesk Flame Qualified, so we are pleased that pixitmedia is displaying a solution with our tools at NAB as, like pixitmedia, Autodesk is committed to delivering integrated solutions that help our customers be as successful as possible in their businesses.”

pixitmedia is certified by Autodesk as a  storage solution provider for workflows that utilize the Autodesk Flame product family. pixstor™ customers can use Flame on the platform for their creative and media workflows with the technical support of both Autodesk and pixitmedia.

Together with our partners we make it possible for customers to maintain control of their data in an open format to ensure true global collaborative workflows in their Media & Entertainment environments, all with guaranteed performance,” said Ben Leaver, CEO and co-founder of  pixitmedia. “We’re pleased to be at NAB 2023 and to show how pixstor™ and ngenea® form a powerful combination that delivers the performance needed to run every creative application and workflow in customers’ content pipelines.”

Learn more about pixitmedia solutions and meet the team at NAB 2023 in booth #N2562H, or attend pixitmedia speaking sessions

  • Tuesday, April 18, 10:30AM in the North Hall, AWS Create Innovation Theater
  • Sunday, April 16, 11:30AM in the North Hall, Seagate In-booth Theater (#N1827)
  • Monday, April 17, 3:00PM in the North Hall, Seagate In-booth Theater (#N1827)


Specialists in software-defined storage and data management solutions for Media and Entertainment, pixitmedia is a Kalray company (Euronext Growth Paris: ALKAL), a leading provider of hardware and software technologies and solutions for high-performance, data-centric applications markets from edge to cloud.

pixitmedia goes beyond storage to facilitate seamless data collaboration and enable your data to propel the power of your ideas. Our award-winning software-defined data solutions simplify the flow of data to reduce the complexity of working with data in a global environment. We devise optimized solutions that give creative customers both choice and freedom. Our restless innovation constantly pushes boundaries, and the unrivaled diligence and knowledge of our team ensures optimum performance and value from our solutions that give data owners complete control over their valuable intellectual property.

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