Camera support pioneer is the first to incorporate position tracking. 

ROME—In synchrony with the dynamic trends of the broadcast and film industry, Cartoni will unveil a full line of encoded fluid heads at NAB Show 2024. The company has integrated position tracking into its fluid heads, jibs, and Lambda 25 nodal head. Furthering its tradition as an industry pioneer, Cartoni becomes the first company to offer position tracking in camera support products.

“Image acquisition protocols are evolving and advancing,” says Cartoni President and CEO Elisabetta Cartoni. “Very soon the integration of position data from the camera support will become a common requirement to correctly match a virtual or graphic insert to a real-time image. Anticipating this trend, we have moved quickly to meet the diverse needs of sports, news coverage, studios, houses of worship, educational television, commercials and film.”

For a decade, Cartoni has been perfecting the integration of high-precision, absolute optical encoders into its supports. With encoders placed directly on the rotation shaft, Cartoni supports ensure super-precise angular readings. Data is presented in a simple open protocol, compatible with any image composition software.

Cartoni’s encoded E-Heads not only assist sophisticated special effects, visual effects, and similar applications, but also provide precise tracking of remote cameras, ensuring infinite accuracy with zero delay in response.

Position metadata is accessible to any processor or can be channelled by the Cartoni VR Box, which features a specialized electronic interface compatible with virtual engines, consolidating optical data collected from the lens in a single stream.

Lifto 25 & Twin

The Lifto 25 motorized elevation column now offers enhanced PTZ narrative options with an additional vertical movement. This reliable, silent, and plug-and-play device has become an indispensable tool for conferences, shows, studios and religious functions. Its additional electronic interface for leading PTZ consoles such as Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc., elevates the motion control of one or multiple PTZ cameras to a superior level, allowing for a seamlessly integrated setup.

To address professional studio work, Cartoni will present the innovative Lifto 25 Controller. Managing up to five Lifto 25 units, it facilitates speed variation and integrates control within the console or with any separate game controller joystick or pedal. It can also be remotely connected via the studio’s ethernet grid to interface with most PTZ consoles such as Panasonic, Sony, Skaarhoj. The dedicated software is equipped for motion programming and virtual interface.

The Lifto 25 is now evolving into a super high elevation with Lifto Twin. By coupling a double elevation unit, the Lifto Twin reaches 440 cm (14.5 ft) with a stroke of 132 cm (4.3 in) and an increased speed of 75 mm/s (3 in/s). The speed is now variable and multiple positions can be programmed and connected via ethernet.

Pedestals HP series

Cartoni has revamped and improved its entire range of High Precision Pedestals, introducing a manual elevation second stage to provide better height adjustment to the vertical stroke. The HP series has a new design in the sliding rollers mechanism for additionally reduced operating noise and exceptional smoothness in the movement.

Innovative Accessories

Last, but not least, new accessories on display at NAB will include a new rail clamp support for 75/100mm bowl base heads. As jeeps, quads and other platforms often lack space for tripod deployment, the Cartoni Rail Clamp allows head/camera systems to be safely secured to a banister, a truss or roll bar with two super safe clamps that secure stability of a compact hi-hat as head support. A ring facilitates the use of a safety steel cord to secure the camera. The Rail Clamp is ideal in sports, safaris, training shooting, trekking, interviews, conferences, and commercials…

A second new accessory is the Rosette Extender, which can be fixed on the pan bar rosette attachment of Focus heads to increase the space between the pan bar and the mounted camera. By adding 45mm, the pan bar has more space from the camera. The Rosette Extender has multiple ¼ and 3/8“threads to attach accessories such as microphones, monitors, lights, infrared trackers, etc.

Cartoni E-MAXIMA7

Cartoni VR Box

Cartoni Lifto Twin

Cartoni Rail Clamp

Cartoni E-JIB, E-LAMDA

Cartoni E-JIB, E-LAMDA



About Cartoni:

Cartoni is recognized worldwide as a leader in film & broadcast camera support. It is the only professional support company that designs, engineers, manufactures and assembles in Italy through its base in Rome. The company applies special attention to energy saving and environmental conservation and the only company that offers an unparalleled free, 5-year warranty on all fluid heads and pedestals.  Since 1935, Cartoni has maintained its preeminent position by delivering superior technology and offering support products for a range of cameras from compact digital devices to large studio cameras. Its products include fluid heads, encoded heads, jibs & nodal heads, tripods, and pedestals.




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