Las Vegas, NV – MTI FILM, a pioneer in post-production technology, is proud to announce the unveiling of DRS™Nova V6.0 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2024 in Las Vegas. This latest iteration of the renowned DRS™Nova toolset marks a significant milestone in television and film restoration, showcasing groundbreaking AI features designed to revolutionize the industry.

For over 30 years, DRS™Nova has been the tool of choice for leading restoration artists worldwide, enabling them to remaster and restore thousands of television shows and films to pristine condition. MTI FILM has continually refined the DRS™Nova toolset and, at NAB 2024, the company will introduce an array of exciting new features, including the highly anticipated MTai FrameGen.

MTai FrameGen harnesses the power of generative AI to recreate missing frames from jump cuts and black slugs, providing restoration capabilities unmatched by other image-based clean-up tools. This innovative addition, combined with existing DRS™Nova tools for Paint, Dewarping, and Deflicker, empowers artists to achieve unprecedented levels of precision and quality through the use of AI in their restoration projects.

Additionally, DRS™Nova V6.0 introduces a host of other advanced features, including:

  • Waveform Measurement Tool: Featuring an RGB parade to measure code values and NITs, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in restoration workflows.
  • Improved Gate Hair Tool: Analyzes camera motion for each shot and offers sophisticated inpainting and temporal algorithms for tracking and fixing gate hairs.
  • Enhanced Stabilization: Offers manual or automated tools to repair jitter, gate weave, splice bumps, and other stabilization issues with the Auto-Stabilize tool leveraging camera motion analysis for optimal results.
  • Debris Filters: Shine and AutoFilter automatically detect and repair dust and defects, while Shine provides superior technology for dirt and fleeting scratch replacements.
  • Improved Bookmark Events: Simplifies the process of adding a Bookmark event. Allows for the bookmarking of a single frame or range of frames with comments, user defined instructions, and thumbnails.
  • Plus more award winning DRS™Nova tools: Scratch Repair, Paint, Grain and Aperture adjustments, Sync Masks, QC tools, and Virtual Timecodes.

“We’re thrilled to unveil DRS™Nova V6.0 featuring MTai FrameGen at NAB 2024,” said Larry Chernoff, CEO of MTI FILM. “This release represents a leap forward in television and film restoration, empowering artists with unprecedented AI tools and capabilities to elevate the quality and efficiency of their work.”

Visit MTI FILM at NAB 2024, booth #SL9136, to experience DRS™Nova V6.0 firsthand and learn more about how it’s reshaping the landscape of post-production restoration. 

MTI FILM is a leading provider of cutting-edge software solutions for the media and entertainment industry. With a focus on post-production technology, MTI FILM delivers innovative tools that enhance efficiency, improve quality, and streamline workflows for professionals worldwide.

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