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Post Break’s  “How To PNYA” Highlights the Organization’s Work in Helping NY Post Pros Thrive During Covid and Beyond

In the next edition of the popular video conference series Post Break, PNYA Chair Yana Collins Lehman, Interim Membership Director/Board Member Jennifer Lane, Board Member Ben Baker, Board Member Kim Spikes and Administrator Rebekah Hernandez will review how PNYA and changed and extended its outreach

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Post New York Alliance Chair Yana Collins Lehman to Take Part in Panel on the Future of Television Production at Omni Cultural TV Virtual Fest

Post New York Alliance (PNYA) Chair Yana Collins Lehman will take part in a virtual panel discussion on the long-term impact of the pandemic on television production and post-production as part of the 2020 Omni Cultural TV Virtual Fest.

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Post New York Alliance (PNYA) “Post Break” to Examine the Long-Term Implications of Remote Work

Implemented as an expedient response to the pandemic, remote work has become a commonplace and perhaps long-term way of conducting business for many post-production companies. In the next edition of Post Break, the free webinar series from Post New York Alliance (PNYA), a panel of industry experts will look beyond the technology to examine the broader implications of this new mode of work.

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“Colorist Mixer” Announces Line Up of Speakers, Demonstrations, Events and Prizes

The program for the annual Colorist Mixer, slated for December 12, 2020 as a 24-hour online event, will include talks and presentations from some of the world’s top colorists, technology companies and post-production leaders. Organized by the Colorist Society International (CSI) and the International Colorist Academy (iColorist), the unique event will also include a Party Zone featuring prizes, games and break-out rooms.

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